Volume Hiring vs Regular Recruitment Process: 5 Key Differences

Posted by Local Skill on April 1st, 2024

In the fast-paced IT sector, the demand for skilled professionals is always high. IT staffing agencies often face the challenge of not just filling a position but doing so at scale or with a focus on individual roles. Understanding the key differences between volume hiring and regular recruitment processes is crucial for any IT staffing agency aiming to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Let's dive into the five main distinctions.

1. Scale and Speed

The most apparent difference is the scale and speed of hiring. Volume hiring involves recruiting multiple candidates simultaneously, often for similar positions. This approach is typically used when an IT company is expanding rapidly or initiating a large project requiring many hands on deck. On the other hand, regular recruitment usually focuses on filling one or a few positions at a time, allowing for a more detailed and slower-paced selection process.

For an IT staffing agency, managing volume hiring means deploying strategies that can handle a large influx of candidates efficiently without compromising on quality. This contrasts with regular recruitment, where the focus is more on deep-diving into each candidate's fit for a specific role.

2. Automation and Personalization

In volume hiring, automation becomes your best friend. IT staffing agencies leverage various tools and technologies to automate parts of the recruitment process, such as screening resumes or scheduling interviews. This automation helps manage the high volume of applicants and speeds up the hiring process.

Conversely, regular recruitment allows for more personalization in the hiring process. Recruiters can spend more time with each candidate, understanding their unique skills and how they align with the company's needs. This level of personalization helps in making more informed hiring decisions in regular recruitment processes.

3. Candidate Experience

With volume hiring, maintaining a positive candidate experience can be challenging due to the sheer number of applicants. IT staffing agencies must ensure that the process is smooth and communicative, even if not every candidate receives individual attention.

In regular recruitment, the candidate experience is often more personalized and engaging. Recruiters have the bandwidth to provide detailed feedback, maintain communication, and build relationships with candidates, which can be crucial for employer branding and future recruitment efforts.

4. Assessment and Selection

Volume hiring typically requires a more streamlined assessment process. IT staffing agencies might use standardized tests or group interviews to evaluate multiple candidates simultaneously. The focus is on identifying candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the role.

In contrast, regular recruitment allows for more in-depth assessments. Recruiters can use a variety of evaluation methods, from technical assignments to multiple interview rounds, to thoroughly assess a candidate's suitability for a specific role.

5. Onboarding and Integration

Finally, the onboarding process differs significantly between the two approaches. In volume hiring, onboarding is usually standardized and designed to efficiently integrate a large number of new hires into the company. IT staffing agencies may use group onboarding sessions or digital onboarding platforms.

In regular recruitment, onboarding can be more customized to the individual's role and needs. New hires might receive one-on-one mentoring or tailored training programs, ensuring they are fully prepared for their specific responsibilities.


Whether it's volume hiring or regular recruitment, each approach has its place in the IT sector. IT staffing agencies play a pivotal role in adapting their strategies to meet the demands of each hiring scenario. By understanding the key differences between these two recruitment processes, agencies can better align their methods with the needs of IT companies, ensuring they find the right talent at the right time.

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