Is DJI Inspire 1 a perfect machine for pro shooters?

Posted by candrone on August 30th, 2016

Since the time drones have emerged in the market, DJI has carved a niche by offering extremely smart and powerful flying machines for various purposes. The company is known for pushing the limits of technology to add new dimensions to aerial photography. Whether you’re a novice photographer or an expert, DJI always has a perfect machine for you to help you achieve your creative vision.

Among DJI’s different models, DJI Inspire 1 is a popular drone and has secured its own space in the heart of drone enthusiasts. This well built, ready-to-fly quadcopter is capable of capturing superb 4K video. With its detachable camera, one can choose to upgrade according to individual needs and budget. In addition, it is easily compatible with a handheld mount.

Initially launched for professionals, DJI Inspire in Canada is ready to fly and easy to pilot as the Phantom models. The biggest problem with Phantom models was their inability to upgrade or repair. However, on the other hand, Inspire 1’s camera and gimbal can be easily removed by releasing a lock and twisting it off. This way, it is easy for people who travel frequently, and future upgrades can be done for better results.

Its gimbal is capable of rotating the camera 360 degrees and tilting 125 degrees, so instead of moving the quadcopter around to get that perfect shot you look for, you can simply move the camera. The gimbal itself is more considerable and designed for a superior level of steadiness and durability than the Phantom's, which can be said for the rest of the quadcopter, too.

If you’re looking to buy drones in Vancouver, you must give this model a thorough look and analysis. It has some state-of-the-art features that make it a must-have drone for professional aerial cinematography. From its carbon-fibre landing gear that lifts and sinks automatically during take-off and landing to its uniquely designed brushless motors that are dominant while being more effective, the Inspire 1 is built for unmatched results.

In case of a dangerous situation, it comes with a Return-to-Home button which allows you to get back your machine safely when panic starts to set in. The controller's power bank is built-in and tends to last through several flights before you choose to recharge it. DJI has made charging easy, too, using one power supply with two cables attached: one for the controller's battery and one for the drone's.

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