3 best jobs in Canada from India for Engineers in 2024

Posted by Nationwide Immigration Services on April 11th, 2024

A land of immigrants, job searchers, and a new and renewed living. That is what Canada has become for many aspirants who have the dream of making it big here. Not everyone experiences reverse immigration.

If you have the skills and experience, Canada wants you to leave a positive impact on their economy. Because much of it depends on the performance of these foreign-born permanent residents.

Those who have jobs or come to seek them, study, or do business should know how to check eligibility for Canada PR. This is because you must show that you have the potential to make a living and have an intention to settle here.

Speaking of job opportunities, there is one industry that will experience a growth curve in the upcoming years. Along with healthcare, IT, and finance, even the market for engineers has shown promise of more vacancies to be filled.

Job Market Potential for Engineers in 2024

From tech, and science to technical sectors no sector does not need the services of an engineer. Even construction companies, public administrations, and manufacturers need them to showcase their skills.

So if you are an engineer, you have plenty of scope for switching jobs and taking a salary leap. Even waste management and support in many settings need their expert hands and knowledge.

Canada after all is on its trajectory of development with every year. The huge pool of immigrant talent is what they need to take those strides in development with the help of engineers. Since those who are already in Canada, are nearing retirement there will be an increased hiring.

Especially for civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers, there will be a huge workforce in demand. Those who are from overseas have the skills that they bring and learn some more as per Canadian standards. What a combination to get.

Around 12 percent of engineers in Canada are licensed. What the country is now experiencing is its shortage of skilled engineers, which is why jobs mind you are in plenty, What you need is to explore job postings on the Canada Job Bank and other portals.

From 2020 to 2025 there will be 44,000 new jobs in engineering for 2024. After all, there are 14 fields in engineering with constant need. Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario are the top provinces that have great scope for engineers across all fields.

Jobs in Canada for Engineers - Take a pick from the Top 5 ones

A chat with your immigration consultants in Hyderabad will let you know that as an engineer you are in luck with Canada. They can then suggest the best route to apply for a work permit or PR visa.

1. Mechanical Engineers - Speaking of engineers and no mention of them? How can we forget the backbone of the engineering field? They are wizards of work wonders with machines, so if there is any failure, you can trust their expertise and skills.

When it comes to aerospace, manufacturing, and automation, the demand for mechanical engineers is strong, Their support helps in the smooth functioning of these industries. Development, designing, and analysis of mechanical systems are what is needed.

They have top know-how in subjects such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, mathematics, and analysis of structure. If you have them, then you are on your way to get a job as a mechanical engineer in Canada.

2. Technicians of electronic engineering - As an Indian many pass out as electrical engineers so becoming a technician is an added benefit. This is among the most in-demand Jobs in Canada from india for engineers for 2024.

If you were a student of maths and science and loved them to bits, then becoming an electronic engineer is a great career choice. From testing, and manufacturing to maintaining electronic systems you need them.

This is especially true for electric motors, systems of communication to navigation devices, you need electric engineers for smooth functioning. Around 15,900 jobs are ready to be filled between 2022 to 2031 in this field as per current survey reports.

3.  Civil engineers - With so much construction which will only double, the need for civil engineers only doubles. This is why many of those engineers who take up jobs in Canada from India belong to this branch of engineering. 

From bridges, dams, high rise buildings to airports and sewerage systems, no place can do without the presence of civil. All these projects are related to a large majority of people, which is why they are civil which means for the civilians (general people)

Many of them are self-employed or are hired by consulting establishments. They are those people who play a pivotal role in the planning of municipalities. To get a job as a civil engineer in Canada you need to be a bachelor’s in this field or even a master's or a Doctorate.


Wish for a job in engineering, there are many more than just these three. Project, structural and automation engineers are also in equal demand. In case you wish to know how to go about applying for Canada PR, you can consult Nationwide Visas. They are after all the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad for job and PR guidance.

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