New construction method of 100MT ladle permanant layer

Posted by annesheldon on August 31st, 2016

In order to improve the material service life, China An Steel adjusts the construction method of their 100MT LF ladle as following.If you need any fire clay bricks , welcome to view our website to know futher information. 

1.Install bottom well block mold, then put one layer of high alumina blowing felt on the bottom.
2.Use mixer to mix running castable into running condition, to install bottom permanant layer.
3.After the running castable curdled, install bottom working layer.
4.Put one layer of high alumina blowing felt on the ladle wall.
5.The gap distance between ladle wall working layer and high alumina blowing felt would be permanant layer thickness (normally would be 70-110mm). After installing working layer of 3-5 layers (about 300-500mm high), inject running castable into the gap between ladle wall working layer and high alumina blowing felt. Then use trowel to make the castable hard. Repeat the above procedure until LF construction finished.
6.On basis of optimized sintering method, sinter the ladle for 24 hours. After sintering, the ladle can be used.

Install the LF in above method, it has advantages as following.

1.Permanant layer and working layer are installed at same time, in which way they can be combined closely. During sintering period, deformation of permanant layer can be sperated. In this way, gap would not appear, and improve safe of the LF.
2.Permanant layer running castable is of high strength, it would not be easy to be damaged when unpacked and translated.?
3.No need mold, in which way can avoid damage the ladle brick by vibrating.
4.No need to sinter the permanant layer seperately. The LF would be sintered for 24 hours in optimized method. During actual working, it would not cause problem of gas in melton steel rising up.

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