What is the Best Beginners Running Program?

Posted by devika mhatre on August 31st, 2016

Running is a great way of getting in shape and to begin in any kind of exercise routine, you need to make necessary preparations first. Some of the things you would prepare are your running shoes, jogging pants, and shirts. The most important thing that you need to prepare though is your body therefore you need to find the best beginners running program. Having a sensible running program will ensure that you will be able to start your hobby in running on the right track so that you will be able to maximize the benefits you can derive from it such as being fit, or losing that extra weight if you have decided to engage in running for that purpose.

If you have more serious weight issues then it is wise to start your exercise regime by doing some brisk walking for a few weeks. This will get you ready for the rigours of exercise. After a little while you can then make the transition to your beginners running program. When you are searching for a beginners running program, look for routines that combine walking and running. The mixture of these two routines reduces the risk of injury since it will lessen the overall impact on your body. It will also help you run more. In the beginning you will not be able to run long without stopping. Many people do their run until they exert themselves and then stop the workout. You can do far more running if you take regular walking breaks in between. That way you obtain a balance between rest and exercise within your workout.

Beginners Running Program: How Many Days per Week?

There is some discussion about the number of days people should exercise. General consensus is that 30 minutes of exercise a day at least five times a week is the requirement to be healthy and fit. Many people get overwhelmed by that requirement. It is a steep increase to go from absolutely zero to 30 minutes per day five times a week. Some people try it for one or two weeks and then give up because it is too much. You need to build up your running slower than that. You can start off with three days a week. Once you are able to run 30 minutes comfortably, this can take a number of months, then it is time to consider adding an extra day of running or days with cross-training. So the key to your beginners running program is to run at least three times per week and to slowly build up the time spent running.

What Distance Should Your Beginners Running Program Target For?

Most Beginners Running Programs have a target of getting people to run 5k. There are plenty of couch-to-5k running programs out there. The good thing about these programs is that they are relatively short and provide an attainable goal. After all, 5k is quite a distance, but doable for most. There are also many 5k fun runs held in almost every region on a weekly basis so it makes it easy to pick a target race and train towards that.

However, it is important to know that you do not have to aim for a 5k run. Some people want to be able to run 10 minutes without stopping or to run a marathon. It is all up to you. Pick a distance and a time period you are comfortable with and then go for it.

Falling of the Wagon

You will usually find that it is easy to start exercising. The really tricky part is to keep on going. You might have had a rough day, the weather might be bad, etc. Try to overcome excuses by keeping your end goal in mind. Even if you have skipped a training session, just keep on going. Research has shown that after people skip a training session, they are 80% likely to skip another training session within the next 10 days. As with road kill, do not be a statistic and do something about it. Even if you fall of the wagon, climb back on again and keep on going.

That is pretty much it. Pick a distance, pick a goal and then do it and keep on doing it. After only a few weeks you will start to feel better, be fitter and weigh less. So pick the best beginners running program you can find and start your running career today!

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