There are many of exciting changes coming for PvP in Legion

Posted by  wangwenjie on September 1st, 2016

There are many of exciting changes coming for PvP in Legion, and today, we'd like to take the chance to share more details on Legion’s Honor System.

Overview for Legion’s Recognition System In Legion, you will have your own normal talent tree, and a PvP ability tree, called Honor Talent System. The Honor Talent system is dependant on your PvP prestige. The Honor Talent system has a leveling system, but instead of gaining experience when leveling the regular way, you gain Honor Things. And each leveling requires some Honor Points. You probably wonder what happens to the Artifact gun talent tree. All Artifact weapon plus points work in PvP, but you need to acquire them.

Levels 1-10: 750 honor points
Levels 11-20: 875 honor points
Levels 21-30: 1000 honor points
Levels 31-40: 1125 honor points
Levels 41-50: 1250 honor points
In total, it takes 50, 000 Honor points to succeed in level 50.

More details about how to get Honor Talents in Legion’s Honor System

1. Each honor talent requires a certain level and when there is no talent to attain, you will be honored with Cheap Runescape Gold or Artifact energy.

2. The talent tree has the same setup as the conventional PvE one, with 3 talents each row, and you choose a type of 3. However, every time you stage up, you will unlock some sort of talent vertically, meaning, you will unlock some sort of talent one each row within the left side of the particular talent tree, then talents on middle side and lastly on the right facet.

3. The first talent that class/spec gets is termed Gladiator’s Medallion which gets rid of all movement impairing side effects and all effects which cause decrease of control of your character whilst in PvP combat. This replaces the
trinket that's the same affect (Professional Medallion). So now we can give attention to the other cool ornament instead.

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