The Goods And Perils Of Any Social Media Website

Posted by YouOnTheFloor on September 1st, 2016

Humans are social beings. And yet we’re also social anxiety beings. Quite the duality isn’t it?

The need to socialize is inherent, but at the same time, it’s necessary to get over the obstacle, where we fear being judged by others.


This fear can be on many levels, but it can be summarized as persona related.


What is a persona anyway?

A persona is the way we appear to others. This includes looks, speech patterns, what we say, and how we conform to the norms of socialization.

With any social media site today, it’s easier than ever to control your persona.

  • You have control over the pictures you choose to post of yourself.
  • You have great control over the content of your responses to people’s comments (in terms of timing too).
  • You can control how your “speech” is presented to other people (where casual speech means less focus on spelling and grammar, and professional speech is vice-versa).

Back before social networking, you didn’t have these advantages. It was pretty much a make it or break it trial. This forced people back then, to really sharpen their social skills and their personas.

Now you’d think that social media would give people the opportunity to display the best of themselves… right? Wrong.

Lax standards in social interactions today.

One thing I forgot to mention about human nature, is that we’re naturally egoists. We all care about ourselves more than others. Altruism and giving up your ego do not exist in reality.

Combine that with (the comfort of social media websites) + (our love/hate relationship with judgement), and you get a horrible case of online narcissism.


Take a website like Facebook for example. What was once thought of as a get together network for family and friends, is now a competition for attention. Attention in the form of likes, comments, and “look at me” stunts.

No valuable information is shared in such instances. No valuable experiences are spoken of to teach you about life.

These are all things of the past.

Fortunately, that’s not how all people use social networking. There’s still a minority that uses such platforms competently.

Providing value on social networks.

There are so many people who use social networks to provide amazing information. Those range from business, politics, scientific, and social issues pages, and many more!

You’ll find many of those on the older social platforms, but at the same time, many of them will favor the newer platforms.


Why is that? The reason is, egoism on social networking, excels only where there’s a lot of people. There’s no use making attention stunts in places that are considered social deserts, right?

Genuine sharing is also a trait of the newest social networking sites. People didn’t drop platforms like Facebook and Myspace to find a less populated similar environment.

The same thing applies to you too! If you’ve read this far, then you probably crave genuine and valuable interactions, like all those who are tired ego networking.


So why not start by checking out some of newest social networking sites? They’ll sure benefit you professionally and casually.


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