Laser Skin Resurfacing ? Should you go for it?

Posted by Aaeesha on September 1st, 2016

Do you have acne-prone skin with lots of scars and marks? Makeup can go a long way in hiding the flaws and giving the skin a smooth clear finish. However, the results may not be long-lasting or give you a natural look. Remove marks, wrinkles, lines, and other scars on your face using a non-surgical procedure known as laser skin resurfacing. There are many people who opt for this laser treatment for skin in Bangalore.

 The skin is made up of many layers. While the top few layers may have these blemishes, the under layers are sure to be smooth and scar-free. Laser skin resurfacing treatment procedure removes the top skin layers to reveal the healthier younger-looking skin hidden underneath. However, to do this laser skin treatment in Bangalore, you should go to a reputed skin care clinic. Laser treatment gives you great results, but also requires great care and precision when it is being done. That’s why the dermatologists should be highly experienced and have ample expertise in laser treatment.

 When you go for laser treatment for skin in Bangalore, your dermatologist will give you a few pointers on how to prepare for the laser resurfacing treatment.

 First, the dermatologist will check your skin health and advise you on whether or not to take up the skin resurfacing treatment. If the dermatologist gives a go for the treatment, then you will be asked not to consume certain vitamin supplements and medications for nearly 10 days before the proposed treatment start date. If you smoke, then you may have to restrain from this habit for about 10 days before and after the treatment. Smoking reduces the good effects and also delays the healing time after the treatment is done. If you want to get the best results from the laser skin treatment in Bangalore, then you should surely follow the instructions of the dermatologist.

 You will have to stay overnight in the clinic to do the procedure. The time taken for the treatment procedure depends on the areas of the face to be covered. If it is just treatment for blemishes and wrinkles, then the procedure can take up to an hour. A full-face treatment will take a longer time.

 After the skin resurfacing treatment process, your face may become swollen and you may feel itchy and irritating. The dermatologist will prescribe medications to reduce the irritation and the swelling. Carefully follow the after-treatment instructions to ensure there are no side effects.

 If you are looking for a permanent solution for your skin problem, then go for laser skin resurfacing treatment in Bangalore.

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