What has caused the rise in overseas education loan?

Posted by Shyamoli Shah on September 1st, 2016

Most of the students in our country prefer going abroad for education due to the new opportunities and salary hike that a foreign degree offers. The current generation is very responsible and tech savvy. Due to easy access of the internet, students are very well aware of all the perks that are made available to them such as an overseas education loan. The rise in the number of students who wish to pursue a global career has added to the demand of education loans for studies in the country as well as abroad. Investing in education is a valuable asset which helps enhance one’s personality and shape up his/her career. Many expert financial consulting bodies have also emerged to guide students throughout the loan availing process.

An increase in study curriculum has also been noted with the addition of various job-oriented courses such as MBA, management programs, vocational courses, aviation and hospitality, etc.that are way too costly and cannot be pursued without availing an education loan unless you have heavy savings. International student loan or an overseas education loan can be availed from either government banks or private financial firms. Initially, government bodies were the only preferred sources for availing loans, these days, even private lenders have been offering different types of loans with the most attractive interest rates and innovative repayment options.

Loans are designed to serve a specific purpose. And as the name suggests, an overseas education loan caters to students who wish to carry higher studies in a foreign country. Not just it takes care of the educational expenses, but other expenditures too, which include travel cost, food and accommodation, things required during the course such as books, computer, laptops, stationery, uniforms, instruments, etc.You need to know a few things in advance before getting a foreign return label on your resume and on your business card.

An overseas education loan is basically anagreement between you and the lender wherein you commit to repay the borrowed money back with a certain rate of interest and also within the specified period of time offered to you by the lender. The borrower should evaluate all the possible options available in the market and choose the one which suits his or her needs. The next step involves completing the paperwork by submitting all the relevant documents and filling up the loan application form. Lastly, any loan availing process takes a certain amount of processing time (atleast a fortnight), so that everything gets properly verified after which the loan is sanctioned by the lender.

When it comes to abroad studies, it is but natural that the student will fly to a different country, thus he/she will require a guarantor who can assure to repay the debt in case the student doesn’t return back. Here, a co-applicant is considered as a guarantor so if the borrower fails to repay the funds it has to be repaid by the co-applicant. Although, in most of the cases, students are able to clear the overseas education loan with utmost ease as it generally starts after the completion of the course. Top notch lenders also offer an additional grace period of six to twelve months, which should be sufficient enough for the student to seek a suitable job.

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