Pipeline welding technology

Posted by zora li on April 23rd, 2024

Pipeline welding technology

1. When welding natural gas pipelines, more than two welders must be used, and all of them must obtain relevant welding qualification certificates.

2. When welding, the spiral part of the pipeline must be welded directly, and there are strict requirements for the distance between the tee guard plate and the pipeline, which cannot be greater than 2 mm. Exceeding this size will bring certain safety hazards.

3. When welding pipe joints C, if there are some welds and at least two welders work at the same time, two arcs will be generated in the middle, and the distance is strictly limited and must reach about 50 mm.

4.There will be longitudinal straight welding and circumferential fillet welding during welding, so there will be a certain order. When welding, workers must follow the relevant order to ensure the safety of the gas in the pipeline.

5. After welding, it must be inspected by professional technicians and must meet national standards before it can be used.

When welding pipelines, welding technicians must not only strictly abide by the welding process instructions as required, but also record relevant data at any time.

For example, the voltage and current of welding, the materials used for each layer of welds, preheating before welding and heat treatment after welding, etc.

Pipeline welding is a type of pressure vessel, which guarantees penetration and reliable quality after welding. Pipeline welding generally refers to a set of professional skills used to connect metal parts.

Welding is one of the most cost-effective methods for connecting multiple pipe sections, which involves heating metal parts and connecting them so that the final product becomes a single metal part.

The methods for welding pipelines are as follows:

1. Gas welding.

Gas welding can be used for welding, which is to mix combustible gas with combustion-supporting gas as the heat source of the flame, and then melt the pipes and weld them together.

2. Arc welding.

Arc welding can also be used, that is, using an arc as a welding heat source to connect pipes together. This welding method is often used in industrial production. In addition to the above two methods, contact welding can also be used to weld pipelines. The specific welding method depends on the material and requirements of the pipeline.

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