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Posted by learnit techno on September 1st, 2016

The trending topic in Java especially in the domain of web designing seems to be AngualarJS was originally developed by Hevery and Abrons in 2009. It is a retained product of Google licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.The latest version of AngularJS is 1.4.3. It is an open source application framework used for creating dynamic web applications. It is a powerful JavaScript based tool to develop and live practical implementation in java training institutes in Bangalore. AngularJS framework allows use of HTML as the template language while extending the syntax to express the component of the applications in a clear and concise way. The data binding capacity and dependency injection os AngularJS framework enables in eliminating a major portion of the code that has to be initially written. All of such functions goes on within the browser which makes Java course services ideally implementable with any and all server technologies.Not only that AngularJS developers can use Javascript to directly write client side application in a clean Model View Controller i.e. the MVC method. AngularJS applications are cross-browser amenable because it handles the Javascript code for each browser as per its suitability. This is the reason why as a free, open source technology, AngularJS framework is highly preferred by majority of developers across the globe to build easily maintainable large-scale, high performance web applications shown in java training in bangalore.

The core characteristics of AngularJS are −

  1. The ability to automatically synchronize data between the model and view components which is known as data-binding.
  2. The AngularJS objects known as Scope that refer to the model while adhering together the controller and view.
  3. The AngularJS Controller on the other hand are JavaScript functions that are constrained to a specific scope.
  4. The AngularJS Services are in built singleton objects instated in an app for one time to make an XML Http Requests.
  5. The Filters are used to choose a subset of items from one array in order to generate a new array.
  6. AngularJS Directives are in-built basically DOM elements markers uses on elements, attributes, css etc. Using then we can create custom HTML tags that will in turn serve as newly customized widgets.
  7. The AngularJS Templates are used to view information from the model and controller. which might be a single file in the format of index.html or might also be a file with single-page based multiple views using using "partials".
  8. The Routing concept is only related to switching views.
  9. Wittily known as Model View Whatever is a design pattern apart from the traditional MVC design but somewhat similar to Model-View-View Model i.e. MVVM, whose function is nearly same as that of the MVC of regionalizing an application into Model, View and Controller parts respectively where each has specific responsibilities.
  10. The Deep linking feature allows you to bookmark URL by enabling encoding the state of application in the URL
  11. Angular JS comes with an in-built Dependency Injection system or rather subsystem wherein the developer gets the advantage of building an application which is easier to develop as well to understand and to test.

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