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Posted by Connorri Ley on September 2nd, 2016

These days, when health and fitness is the most popular talk of the town, with more and more people involving in fitness programs, it has become highly important to have good medical facilities. There are increased chances of people getting physical ailments because of the workout routine or irregular workouts or improper execution of exercises. In such situations, it is very important to consult a good doctor and take the right medication. When you are looking for good sports medicine Clear Lake Texas and medication for ailments like back pain Clear Lake Texas, approach us at the drop of a hat.

Our approach at Health Works is basically “Spine and Sport” wherein we believe that for every ailment, if there is a timely and proper treatment, every individual can come out of their pain and heal faster. We want to help each and every one of you recovers in the least possible time with our customized treatment plans. We make use of different combination of treatments depending on the body type, ailment and overall health of every person. Every treatment that we provide is a unique blend of soft tissue therapies, neurological re-training and advanced chiropractic re-training, all of which are patented. We promise you that we will study your issues in detail and see till the end if your mobility can be brought back without the use of surgery or continued medication.

At Health Works we have successfully treated back pain Clear Lake Texas, neck pain, sports injuries, headaches, joint pain, accident pain, jaw pain (or TMJ), joint pain and a vast number of more ailments. Our doctor, who is a soft tissue specialist, uses joint palpation, functional tests, and muscle testing and orthopedic exams to examine your body. This helps the doctor chalk out a perfect treatment plan for you so that you spring back to your normal health. We not only treat you but also impart knowledge about the reasons for your injury or ailment, the method of treatment and how such injuries can be prevented in the future.

We provide quality treatments that enhance your flexibility, improve performance and pain-free movement. We make sure that our treatments stay effective for a long time with a rehabilitation program that is customized for every individual. In this program we provide certain tools and techniques to be used at home for complete relief from pain and quicker recovery. It eventually prevents the recurrence of injury over the long period, which is a very crucial requirement. We guarantee that you will receive the best treatment for all kinds of injuries and we can proudly claim that we are the ultimate providers of sports medicine Clear Lake Texas. You will definitely love our treatment and refer us to your friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about us from Health Works Spine & Sport and contact us right away! We assure you that you will be happy you came to us.

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