Importance of Birth Certificate Translation and how to acquire it

Posted by Sandra Rivers on April 27th, 2024

According to the report of Civil Registration System CRS, Registration of birth is a right of every child and it is the first step towards establishing her/his legal identity. It is necessary to give an account of births and deaths to the Registrar of Births and Deaths under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969. Also, they are registered only at the place of their occurrence. Based on information received from 34 States/UTs, the share of institutional births to total registered births is 73.7% according to the overview report of the CRS.

Birth Certificate is an official document that hold more than just names and dates.This document is any person's proof of identity, legality, and heritage. In this blog, we will explore about the importance of this legal document which is very essential at the time of basic or higher educational registration, immigration and many other purposes, including this we will also know about the procedure to acquire a translated birth certificate.

Importance of Birth Certificate Translation

  1. Immigration Purposes

Most of the countries require translated birth certificates as proof for establishing a person’s identity and judging their eligibility for residency or citizenship within the country. Facilitating the verification of their credentials, enables them to acquire social services like healthcare, getting a passport, receiving credit, opening of bank account, and healthcare. In a world threatened by rising risks of terrorism and crime, accurate verification becomes critical for the safety of the residents of any nation.

Case study- Mahima, a recent immigrant to Spain, needs her Birth Certificate translated from Hindi to Spanish, she sought the help of Certified Birth Certificate Translation agency like Somya translators, who specialize in translating legal documents. With the translated birth certificate, Mahima could complete her immigration paperwork smoothly and begin her life in Spain.

  1. Legal Authentication

This credential is essential for legal authentication purposes like marriage, adoption, and inheritance. It becomes crucial to prove your age and identity legally to the country you are moving in, as translated certificates are needed to validate relationships and comply with regulatory frameworks across borders. Failure to provide these documents may result in delays or rejection of applications. When a certain person migrates to a different country and wants to settle and get married over there, the conversion of this document becomes essential in proving his credibility.

Case study- Sahiba, a newlywed needs her birth certificate translated to facilitate a name change after marriage, with the help of a professional service provider she can obtain a translated birth certificate reflecting her new marital status. This translated document is instrumental in updating her identification and legal records.

  1. Overseas education

Students desiring to receive their higher education overseas require all of their documents translated into the language of the country they want to visit as part of their application process. These documents are used in educational institutions and other organizations to verify the applicant’s identity and cross-check with his academic, legal, and civic background.These required papers often contain specialized terms and formats that may differ from country to country. Translators experienced in legal terminology are required to provide accurate translations that comply with the regulatory requirements.

Deficiency in producing these documents may result in delays, or altogether cancellation of the student’s application.

How to acquire a Translated Birth Certificate

1. Find a reputable service provider

Start the process by researching good translation companies who are specialized in legal document translations including birth certificates and other official documents.

2. Provide necessary information

It’s important you provide a clear copy of your original birth certificate. You may add additional instructions like specific formatting, or title change if needed.

3. Communicate the target language

You must specify the target language in which you need your translation so that it meets the requirements of the intended institution.

4. Review and Approve

Once the translation is finished, you must review it carefully to ensure that names, dates and, other details match with your original document so that it can be finalized for production.

5. Receive certificate of accuracy

Once the document is approved you will receive your translated document along with a certificate of accuracy guaranteeing to the correctness of translation which might be required for official purposes.


Now you know that birth document certificate translation is a contextual and important process that requires expertise, accuracy, and cultural acuteness. Legal papers like these hold highly personal and sensitive information, therefore protecting the privacy and confidentiality of this information is pivotal. Professional translation service provider companies like Somya Translators meet the highest standards of accuracy and confidentiality when rendering such services. Sign up to get a free quote.

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