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Posted by PMLogistics on September 2nd, 2016

Studio and movie set transportation is a critical job and needs special transportation services and expert handling. Movie studios move to different places for regular shoots and photography sessions outdoors. The props and sets used in shooting and photography are very costly and should be handled carefully. Transportation for movie industry is a real tough job and can steal your peace of mind if not executed proficiently so you will need a good company offering expert tradeshow services and logistics management.

Pyramid Logistics can make this pretty cumbersome job simple and easy for you as it can provide you best studio transportation services at very competitive price rate. This company understands all elements of studio transportation and has all infrastructures to support your needs. You name a thing or a service related to studio transportation and they will have it for you. They will make the whole exercise extremely easy for you and you can just relax and concentrate on your work peacefully leaving all logistics to them.

They have everything needed for Studio Transportation including movement of sets, lights, props vehicles and everything else you name. They have a huge armada of purpose built equipment needed for movie set transportation. Be it trucks vans or trailers; they have everything to transfer movies sets and other studio items to all locations.

Years of experience have made Pyramid Logistics an expert in handling all kinds of transportation including studio and movie set transportation. They have special trailers of 53 foot that are more than 10 feet tall inside which is sufficient to accommodate large delicate items that cannot be transported in open trailer. The doors of the trailers are nearly a size of 12 foot that is large enough to support easy loading and unloading of the stuff. Each trailer also has a complete E-Track system for easy and safe stacking of items on double decks.

You will be glad to know the trailers provided by Pyramid logistics are so designed that they can easily carry 40% more load than standard trailers. This will benefit you as it cuts down the transport cost. When Pyramid Logistics promise low cost they really mean it and offer you everything that lowers down your cost and keep all transportation and logistics in your budget.

Making movie studio transportation easy doesn’t mean charging more at Pyramid logistics and unlike other service providers they do not have any hidden costs. They can provide all service from handling your props and sets to arranging transport of your movie vehicles from studio to site and reverse. You can also rent vehicles from this company and the company will deliver them at your desired place or site.

During film making or any other motion picture it is usual that a prop once used may not be needed regularly but occasionally so you will need to store them properly during this down time and this can also be really costly affair as you will need to have storage facilities. But no worries as pyramid logistics can provide best storages facilities for movie sets and props. Tradeshow Transportation is offered at best and most competitive prices by Pyramid Logistics that is an expert company in the field.

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Ron Morgan is the market representative for Pyramid Logistics. Pyramid Logistics specializes in Trade Show Transportation, Trade show Services, mobile exhibit tours and electronic transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage free and in conformity with the highest industry standards.

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