What Is Organic Milk and Why You Should Switch To A Good Organic Milk Brand

Posted by PrideofCows on September 2nd, 2016

Several organization and people are trying to hide the dirty truth of the dark dairy farming in India. They mainly state that there is no difference between organic dairy and conventional dairy. To know more about the difference between these two completely different products we first need to understand 'what is organic milk.'

Organic milk is obtained from cows raised with keeping organic farming methods in mind. The cow is not injected with harmful antibiotics and injection to increase production of milk. Also, the cow milk obtained is free from any adulterates and preservatives. These unethical ways are practiced by most dairy farming in India.

The above paragraph can help you quickly explain 'what is organic milk.' Now let us understand why you should give preference to organic milk over traditional:

Organic milk is free from harmful growth hormones that are banned in most countries in the world

Growth hormones which are detrimental are injected into cows in conventional dairy farming in India to increase more milk production. These injections are so toxic that it can cause cancer to Humans and can also make the cow suffer from mastitis. Several countries like Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan have already banned usage of these harmful hormones.

Organic milk is free from antibiotics which are used highly by in dairy farming in India

Almost all dairy farms in India feed cows with antibiotics not because they are sick but to just fatten them up. Also because of growth hormones cow suffer mastitis and to cure them they are given unauthorized antibiotics. But in organic dairy farming cows are free from these harmful medicines that can affect not only the animal but also the milk obtained.

Consumption of quality organic milk brands can help save cows

Dairy farming in India is a leading economic sector, but due to the very less organic milk brands, a traditional way of obtaining milk is in large practice. Conventional dairies usually produce milk which is GMO and are very unhealthy for human consumption. Also due to increase the dosage of injections and antibiotics the cows in these farms are not well at all. They mostly suffer from harmful diseases and eventually don't have a better life expectancy.

A slow but gradual shift to organic milk brands can help save our cows from dying an uncertain death. And will also free them from this unnatural way of treatment.

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