Overview Neptune Pine: Smartphone, wear on the arm

Posted by Lemons Alicia on September 3rd, 2016

Hello! How to say I have a smart phone in your hand or on a hand yet, not with the Russian language, we all right, just in the case of Neptune Pine use of prepositions does require clarification. Canadian developers wanted to do the toughest in the world of smart watches and turned the smartphone puts on hand.
The story began gadget, you'll laugh with the collection of money. Arguments of the guys seemed convincing praekt collected about 800 thousand Canadian dollars and old Tupper began to translate his dream into reality. The idea was simple why best smart watch to complement your smartphone or tablet, because it can be a powerful standalone gadget is in no way inferior to large devices. So actually I was born Neptune Pine - Smart Watch with smartphone functionality.


Externally gazhdet looks like a huge clock with baggy strap, one - then such a brutal kind of draws, and someone frightens off, and here to stay. Sam Neptune Pine can always be separated from the strap and then he becomes like a pager or omitted from the nineties, roofing felts to popular a few years ago miniature navigators. Detachable gadget you have to constantly, at one end of a failed latch is micro usb connector serving for data transfer and charging device, which is even more amazing and Neptune Pine has a lot of amazing things. On the rear panel adjacent to the hand which is the main 5 megapixel camera, you want to shoot? Take off your gadget with the strap.


Kohl Since we are talking about the quality of the cells they give very, very mediocre, srabatyvayut slowly and acceptable results are obtained only when there is good lighting. Lightly sweetened the pill and the main and the front camera has a LED flash.


Inside Neptune Pine everything as uvzroslyh Qualcomm Snapdragon s 4, 512 MB RAM, 16 or 32 GB of user memory, a full set of wireless protocols and 3G sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass and even a pedometer.
Cram all of the above in a box the size of a half iPhone trivial task, but the Canadians did, and works Neptune Pine quite cheerfully, although running Android 4.1.2
A little more unexpected surprise is the lack of service at Google, but everything is solved, you can use third-party app stores, dig that be delicious on neptune ninja online or find quite legally in the network, the main desire. And the developers promise to still get the coveted key Google Play, but with no timetable is not known.
Phone, sms, skype, Messenger, video calls, YouTube at work with a miniature Neptune Pine has its charm, and at times and convenience.


non-removable battery capacity exceeds 800 mAh in wiseup to the example below this option twice, alas, but no advantage Neptune Pine does not add to - day work of the maximum.

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