Redefining Leadership, How To Be An Effective Leader

Posted by sameerdua on September 3rd, 2016

We live in very visual times. Say the world “leader” to someone, and a lot of figures will jump into their mind.

Most of them are heroic characters of the old, whether they be fiction, or historical.

  • We see them in movies as the warriors of old.
  • We see them in magazines as comic heroes.
  • We see them in Hollywood as celebrities.

Regardless, you’re going to find manycommon traits among such leaders.


What is leadership lacking in today?

The word “leader” can evoke negative thoughts too. Ideas like tyranny, bossiness, oppression, and opportunism. But those traits are what happens when someone abuses their leadership position.

What we want to know here is, what qualities do leaders with positive intent lack, which would make them more effective if adopted? What do growing leaders need to know, to become more effective?

The keyword here is “growing.”

Growing leaders. This means that a leader doesn’t have to be a “know it all guru.” Let’s take legends of the old as an example.

Men like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Jesus and the like. Those were the most influential people of their times. These people didn’t provide knowledge. These people didn’t filibuster endlessly about rules and protocols…

These people provided inspiration.

Inspiration with a sense mission. This is what drives any human being, whether it be at work or leisure.

Most leaders treat those they are responsible for like clay. To shift and mold as they see fit (whether this be for personal reasons, or organizational ones)… And in the process, they completely forget the human element.

No leadership expert worth his salt will ignore the power of inspiration…

Do you know why? It’s because leadership experts are leaders themselves. They’re teaching you habits that can only be expressed in action. They are teaching you a lifestyle.

Most leadership experts treat their lessons like a school curriculum. They teach, and then forget. They have no idea what they’re doing.

I mentioned previously the human element when dealing with others. Even then, there’s an additional thing that is forgotten with the human element.

And that element would be ourselves.

As I said, it’s a lifestyle. You can’t treat advice on leadership to a diet. Diets come and go. Leadership needs to be treated like an excellence program.

It’s not something you’ll do one time and then stop. It’s not a system to that you’re going to use solely for external results.

This becomes your identity in the long-term.

There’s a saying that goes that “to lead others, you must lead yourself” by John Maxwell. Leading yourself is in fact, where all the inspiration lies.

You don’t inspire people by powerful speeches. You won’t definitely inspire people by a war cry. Those are all auxiliary to the true thing.

You inspire people by your actions. This means that you join in, and you dig the fields like everyone else.

You inspire because you relate to them. You become an action hero for real.

About The Author

Sameer Dua is a well known life guru and author. He spent more than 24 years in the field of management and leadership education, he has discovered the generative power in human beings, and how each individual has a choice in what he or she creates.

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