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Posted by Lemons Alicia on September 5th, 2016

Modern man is more concerned about their safety, family safety and their property. Of course, video surveillance systems today play an important role in this. Species DVRs now there are so many. They all have their individual differences, among which there are pluses and minuses. But what about the most advanced of their type, an IP-surveillance cameras?
WiFi CCTV cameras are used on large objects, as well as in private homes. They can be installed anywhere, and most importantly, that allow such devices - quality and continuous object tracking and monitoring of the adjacent territory.
What is the difference from the analog cheap wifi camera?
Today, such equipment is actively replacing analog surveillance systems from the market, ahead of them in many respects.
The undeniable advantage that has this equipment, - the availability of the operating system and built-in web server. That is what allows the tracking, recording and broadcasting of video on a PC, laptop or even your phone without having to purchase additional equipment. This wearable camera is equipped with all the most modern filling required for high-quality recording, reliable storage recording and later playback.
WiFi CCTV camera can transmit real-time video over the Internet from the site where they are installed. And the data transfer is carried out from anywhere in the world. And this is a fundamental difference between such a system from analog recorders, which are capable of recording broadcast only on predetermined monitors.

Benefits WiFi Camera
Benefits ip-cameras
An important advantage is that the conduct cable internet to the object it is not necessary. For video surveillance system sufficiently to provide Internet access and set up the equipment. Having a password to operate the system, any user can get information from the device, while at the same time anywhere in the world.
These cameras are very easy to operate. No need to load a large number of network cables as required to connect only one socket in 220V.

Easy installation - another important advantage. Now you need not call special team, which will install all the video surveillance system, since it can be done independently. For such cameras attached clear setup instructions, and for installation, you must put the device in the desired location and connect to the network.
The DVR is not just watching the object, but actually protects it! It is able to detect the penetration of the subject and report to the owner, including a siren or sending an email alerts, and in some cases, and SMS.
Many models of cameras have a variety of additional functions, including the function of rotation, and rotation.

Disadvantages WiFi cameras
To date, one of the main drawbacks of such video surveillance systems can be considered as the high cost of IP-based cameras. Partly for this reason, DVRs, and even analog cameras are still widespread.

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