Interesting History of Bobbleheads

Posted by john roone on September 5th, 2016

Is collecting bobbleheads your new hobby? Wow! It is surely an interesting one. Gone are the days when collecting coins, stamp papers, unique showpieces, paintings etc. used to be the hobbies of people. Today, different people are exploring different hobbies and even loving it. Collecting bobblehead of your favorite sports person, film personality, television celebrity, politician or others, is actually a good idea. It will not only make you feel good, but will also make your guests and friends stare in awe at your fabulous collection.

History of Bobbleheads

If you are fascinated with a bobble head, you will find its history equally interesting. These classic collectibles are believed to be first designed at least 150 years ago. The 1842 short story, The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol is considered to be the earliest known referral to toys similar to bobble heads. Here, the author stated a character with possessing a neck which as like the neck of plaster cats which wag their heads. Later on in Germany, large ceramic figures of animals ranging in size approximately 5 to 9 inches were designed. These toys had spring connected heads were known as bobbers, due to the way their heads would bob on their bodies.

Then the 1920s saw the production of bobblehead in the form of a New York Knicks basketball player. This production renewed the interest of people in bobble head. But during the 1930s, people again lost interest in this collectible. In the 1950s, only few of bobble heads were believed to be produced. But during the 1960s, a series of papier mache bobblehead dolls were designed by Major League Baseball for all baseball teams. During the 1960s World Series, players specific dolls for Roberto Clemente, Roger Maris, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle were designed and for the first time there were bobbleheads for sale placed for these players.

Even though the uniforms of different players were different, still all of them shared the same face. But due to the poor construction materials, these dolls have now become cracked or chipped. But the 1970s saw improved construction methods are bobble heads were started to be designed with the use of ceramic materials. The popularity of the bobble heads started to rise and they were started to be made in the forms of sportsmen and cartoon characters. Do you know that the bobble heads which were designed for Beatles became a rage and is regarded as most famous of all?

Coming to the 21st century, new variations of these dolls started to be designed. Due to the ever increasing popularity of these dolls, now various companies have started venturing into the market and are even offering wholesale bobbleheads!

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