Why Should Routine Car Servicing Not be Avoided At All?

Posted by Tyres Lab on May 15th, 2024

There is no doubt that buying a car is one of the big dreams, whether the car is branded, new or used, it has a unique feeling. In the beginning, every part of it is ready to give its best and smooth performance but with time they require proper care and a second-hand car even more. Here, as a responsible owner, we need to pay more attention to getting regular Car Servicing Nottingham to ensure that all the issues are noted and fixed by professionals promptly. It depends on of which service plan you find more suitable as there are 2 and 3 types of plans offered in auto garages. This prevents our car from reaching such extreme usage conditions and as a result, we get several benefits, including:

  1. Extend Your car’s Working Age

If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the car at regular intervals, it affects its smooth performance. This happens because the car faces damages, wear and tear and other breakdowns if you drive it regularly. Many times such things start happening when the car is not in use for a long time and one of the reasons behind this is the accumulation of dust on the consumables. For this, you need to choose a service package that suits the mileage and condition of the car to ensure that all the parts are doing their job perfectly and if the experts detect any problems, they are rectified on time or replaced (if necessary). This way, the lifespan of your car will increase.

  1. Better Fuel-Economy

No one does not want to control the fuel consumption of his car. In this case, you will find that regular car servicing is a great rule of thumb as many parts of your car depend entirely on the engine to propel the car forward or backwards. It is very important to follow it otherwise you will not even realize it and the consumption of fuel will increase. The more smoothly your car runs, the less you'll have to spend at the fuel pump.

  1. Resale Your Car at a Pleasing Value

Whenever we decide to sell our car, we want it to get as much value as possible, right? However, it all depends on the current condition and looks of your car whether it is worth its selling price or not. Here the servicing history of the car also has a big impact on the selling price as the buyer is very interested to know how much it has been maintained. Then based on that it assesses the health and performance of your car. Therefore, if you also want to resell the car sometime in the future, try your best to take proper care of it after a certain interval.

  1. Get Enhanced Road Safety 

Driving a car and done our chores are not only our duty because we also have to spend time getting it serviced on time. This will indirectly benefit you in a few ways, the most important of which is to maintain safety whenever you are driving. If serious problems appear in certain parts of the car, the car may start malfunctioning. This is why we should be proactive in getting our car serviced regularly to ensure that all minor problems are caught without any delay. Ignorance in this aspect puts not only you but others in danger.

  1. Pollute-Free Environment

Taking care of your car will not only make your journey safe and comfortable but will also keep our environment clean. We are saying this because if certain parts of our vehicle are not paid attention to, they can harm it. For instance, due to the issue of emissions, more harmful gases are being released which mix into the air and pollute the environment. Keep in mind that this problem indirectly affects our health.

How Many Options Are Available for Routine Car Servicing? 

Each auto workshop has its servicing packages and checkpoints. Many places offer car maintenance options, one is interim and the other full servicing and details of how both work are given below:

Interim Service 

When was your car last serviced? It's been about six months ago, right? This is also the right time to adopt an interim service plan as other options are also available, choose it If you find it worth taking. Experts also recommend getting your car maintained under this plan when you have driven 6000 miles since the day it was last maintained.

Full Service

This is a higher level of Car Servicing Nottingham which includes all those inspection and maintenance services provided under the interim plan as well as additional services. Since there's so much offered in it, it's better to choose it when your car has driven 12,000 miles or after a year, whichever comes first, you can go for it accordingly. 

Full service consists of 70+ checkpoints that a car must pass through, including:

  • Fluids Check
  • Oil Change  
  • Oil Filter Replacement 
  • Windscreen and Wipers Check
  • Oil Filter Replace
  • Tyre and Wheel Alignment Check 
  • Suspension and Steering System 
  • Brake 
  • Battery 
  • Emisison System 
  • Engine 
  • Doors, mirrors and lights 
  • Air Conditioning and Many More 

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