Blue Lion Beer: Great German Beer Making Blended with Asian Expertise

Posted by SEO Team on September 6th, 2016

When it comes to beer making Bavaria region in Germany always gets a mention. It is historically made up of beer loving people and some of the greatest brewing traditions. The story of the popular Blue lion beer is thus based on a strong heritage and it is no wonder then that this great beer is now found in 15 regions across 4 continents. If you are looking for refreshing drink during your vacation in Europe or Asia it is time to try something out of the ordinary.

German Beer Made With an Interesting Asian Taste

It is not uncommon for different traditions to blend and come up with a fascinating product but in brewing of this German Beer those involved clearly outdid themselves. To really appreciate how this amazing drink came to be, why not have a sneak preview on its rich heritage? Here you go:

The Blue Lion Story

This has to be one of the most famous legends in the brewing industry. It all started on the Bavarian coast which was protected by its army in royal blue. The General of the Army was a kindred spirit who loved everyone. One day he chanced upon an orphaned boy and adopted him. When rebels attacked the area the adopted son was already in charge and crafted an ingenious idea. The soldiers used lions in the frontline while they followed with their arms. The rebels were afraid out of their wits and the name Blue Lion was born.

Blue Lion Beer is Born

The brand name of this refreshing drink came from an equally thrilling heritage. The idea was born when German and Singapore’s Shriro Group decided to come up with a beer that was in line with the Bavarian brewing tradition but that was perfect for the Asian taste. This involved using the traditional Bavarian brewing principle with ingredients from Munich for an authentic taste. To incorporate an Asian touch these colleagues used 5% rice with a touch of citrus and floral notes to give it a sweetened flavor. The rest as they say is history.

Building a Global Brand

The simple idea to blend two rich heritages in one bottle has borne fruits with this German Beer now boasting presence in 4 continents. It is popular especially among the coastal regions in Asia and the company now employs over 3,500 people for its production and marketing.

If you are looking for that great Bavarian taste in a bottle blended with the world renowned Asian taste it is time to try the Blue lion beer. It is perfect for your party or corporate event.


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