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For those in search of the most comprehensive treatment and nutrition, this health supplement producer provides the most intensive care to the body, by formulating a host of unique supplements, crafted with the help of exotic and healthy ingredients from all over the globe. These health supplements seek to provide everyday life-giving nutrients, combat daily stresses, wear and tear, and help compensate the negative effects of faulty nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles.

This health supplement producer formulates its exotic supplements, based on powerful and unique ingredients used by an Alaskan tribe known as ‘Tlingit Tribe’ (pronounced as ‘Klink-It) – a tribe which surprisingly has no history of chronic and metabolic diseases like, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and stroke. This Alaskan tribe refers to certain indigenous ingredients as ‘strong medicine’, for two food staples respectively –the Wild Alaskan blueberry and Alaskan Sockeye salmon. These two unique ingredients form the heart of these health supplements, better known as the health supplement store’s ‘Triangle of Health’.

The Wild Alaskan Blueberry forms the backbone of these health supplements for a good reason. Its rich blue pigment, known as ‘anthocyanin’, has anti-oxidants properties, 5 times that of the common blueberry, which helps the plant to combat the harsh Alaskan winter. The wild blueberry forms the emblem for culture and ideals of this health supplement store, due to its abilities as a ‘strong medicine’.

Foundation: The building blocks began with a few founding families, the Hansens and Taylors, with constant hard work, dedication and determination. The Hansens renovated a company dealing with petroleum, and transformed it to one of the largest distributors in America. The Taylors established one of the largest potato plantations and cattle operations in the state of Idaho. After discovering ‘strong medicines’ like the blueberry and sockeye salmon, these families collaborated their efforts in formulating a set of unique supplements, using these anti-oxidant rich super foods. Today, with their wellness triangle of health and marketing, this health supplement company seeks to provide optimum health and nutrition, and financial opportunity to millions of customers all over the world.

Wellness triangle: With a history of more than 10,000 scientific researches, this health supplement company provides some of the most revolutionary proprietary supplements – forming the ‘Triangle of Health’. This includes three powerful and essential health supplementary products. These ensure your body meets its daily requirements, for everyday optimum functioning and performance.

By following this wellness triangle, one can is sure to receive:

  • The optimum micronutrients, vitamins and minerals required every day for health bone, muscle, nerve and heart health, as well as healthy skin and tissues,
  • A healthy immune system to help combat infections, diseases and disorders, and enhance the ability to combat daily environmental stresses. Omega 3 fatty acids, derived from wild salmon, provide the natural lipid nutrition needed for optimum immune health, cell health and cardiovascular functioning.
  • A rich amount of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids sourced from priceless natural ingredients. These help to lower the risk of chronic metabolic and lifestyle disorders. These anti-oxidants are sourced from a host of prized ingredients coveted since times.

Core beliefs: This health supplement company believes in helping people experience the best in health and nutrition, so that they can achieve the best in life. With highly beneficial and cutting edge heath supplements, this health supplement company seeks to impart its wellness triangle to millions all over the world. Even for those dealing with the products as distributors, this health supplement company provides a great financial opportunity to them and their families as well, hence making everyone, experience more in life!

NOTE: Article is just for information and for internet marketing of products. You should consult your doctor before taking taking Kyani health supplements

The following health supplement company formulates extensive scientific research based health products, taking its roots from the Alaskan tribes and their food staples referred to as superfoods. Through research, hard work and dedication, this health supplement company provides supplements all over the world, to meet the nutritional requirements and demands of every individual for their proper functioning and performance.


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