When you have finished getting around town

Posted by Star09 on September 6th, 2016

There are two distinct realities that bear the name of Phuket in Thailand. One is an island and the other is a city on the very same island, but both share one common thing: a flawless reputation among sailing circles and tourists in general for lovely weather, beautiful scenery and perfect beaches. Which is what most travelers think of when considering a trip to the exotic Far East?

As it happens, Phuket is not only Thailand's largest island, but also one of its richest provinces, a fact that might have something to do with the flourishing yacht charters that operate in the region. Another factor might be that the island sits in the Andaman Sea in the Phang Nga Bay, one of the most wild and most beautiful locations in Southeast Asia.

The most popular spot on the island, and not just for yacht charter crowds, is the town Phuket which also represents the main economic hub not to mention the main touristic stop. For a touristic resort, this town does have some history which begins in ancient times but continues uneventful until the building boom in the middle of the last century.

Don't go expecting to find some concrete and steel buildings, because thankfully the locals borrowed some of the architectural features from the Portuguese colonials but kept their original Asian style which is what yacht charter groups coming here look for.

In terms of accessibility, Phuket is pretty easy to reach since it's serviced by its own airport, the Phuket International Airport, located in the north part of the island, opposite the city which sits on the southern side. The distance between them is around 32km, a distance covered in about half an hour usually in a car, though it would be advisable to have a rental car, because local public transport is erratic at best.

After you get into town, you'll want to do a little sightseeing and the best place to start if you're western tourists is the Chinese District. Here you'll find not only a world so different than the one you're used to, but also the colorful and beautiful Jui Tui and Put Jaw temples, not to mention the Phuket Culture Museum and the Cultural Center as well as the local University.

When you've finished getting around town, it might be a good idea to also pick up a few things for back home. The good news is that you can do this also in the Chinese District, where you'll find not only large stores and malls but also typical local markets, which are much more colorful, noisy and more "authentic" in case you're searching for a real-life Thai experience.

As far as cuisine goes, Phuket is generally known as a place where you can get a good meal for a good price and the best place to start restaurant hunting is in the center of the town. The only thing we can comment on is the fact that sometimes you might have trouble reading or understanding the menu. If you don't want to try out the local specialties, than you're advised to stick to the international menu.

As night falls on the beaches and streets of Phuket, the atmosphere gets even more colorful and vibrant. However, for a real party experience, you should head out to the neighboring city of Patang. If you don't feel like heading out of town simply for a good night out, then simply head to the central region of Phuket where you'll find some nice clubs and bars, even some British and Irish pubs where many yacht charter enthusiasts hang out.

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