Why Should You Purchase Jacquard Curtains

Posted by Swayam India on September 6th, 2016

Curtains are the most important accessories when it comes to accentuating the house. It not only enhances the beauty of your windows and interiors but also blocks the unwanted light from entering. For proper peaceful ambience and prevention of light, they are a wonderful option. Apart from this, these veils are also used for insulation and act as a noise filter hence; these can also save your electricity bill to a great extent. These types of veils are mainly made from multiple layered or heavily woven fabrics. The curtains can block up to 99% of light which totally depends on the thickness of the backing.

The purpose behind blackout drapes is that they prevent light from penetrating the room. They are usually hung behind regular drapes made from ordinary fabric and are drawn at night so that no amount of light enters the room in the morning. During the day, they can be open lose from behind your regular fabric curtain so that you still enjoy the privacy with some light inside your room. Although these window treatments are heavier than your average drapery they are soft and smooth enough to hang naturally. Moreover, these curtains are favored because they also act as mild insulators against extreme cold and heat. They also dampen the noise which filters the sound and noise of external factors, thus providing you peaceful environment.

You will probably find these window drapes very useful if you have infants or small babies at home that you don't want to wake up at the break of dawn. If you are a night shift worker or student who studies late night or work in shifts and want to sleep till late in the morning, these are perfect options for you.

There are varieties of these veils that are available in the market now such drapes, shades, and blinds. As the name suggests, these drapes are exactly similar to the ordinary drapes except the purpose for which they are used.  Theses curtains also offer a pleasant look to the rooms, along with blocking the sunlight.

Available in a plenty of shades, thesecurtains for living room in India are also thermal. They minimize the amount of light to a minimum extent than the drapes. Made using woven cotton and polyester, these drapes are the cheapest variety of blackout veils. Blackout blinds are mainly used for insulation and conserving energy.

If you are also looking out for this type of window treatments you can checkout various jacquard curtains online. Swayam India offers a great variety of options that can spoil you for choice. You can choose deep shades or you can also checkout the bright options that will make your room appear bigger.


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