Pirate ship game is still in development

Posted by karoniee on September 7th, 2016

The official page where the revamped fan project could once be downloaded is now adorned with a general notification of the takedown, verifying that the team has complied with the request issued by Joywar.After beginning on August 30 for Online pirate game Insiders and launching for the rest of the general public the very next day, Joywar's beta went on to have its servers hit with a DDoS attack, which temporarily made it difficult to log into the online multiplayer test due to connectivity issues.

Pirate World
So, although it seems as if Online pirate game has plenty of confidence in the current status of Pirates mmorpg's production process, details are scant when it comes to the title's actual in-game assets or when fans should expect it to launch.All of the games in this are quite good, but that also means there's a chance you already own a few of these.However, World of pirates online have managed to rectify things slowly but surely so that the maximum amount of players possible can charge back into the fray.
While Online pirate game didn't offer up that much new information, she did offer up the core design philosophy behind the game, something that should leave fans feeling like their beloved franchise is in capable hands.There doesn't appear to be a heavily snow-based map so far, but we wouldn't be surprised to see that show up later - possibly as part of the free RPG that Joywar hinted at earlier.During Pirate World Games' panel at Pirates game online the company revealed a new series that would be coming to pretty much all platforms, except RPG, called Pirate game online.When we learn more about a specific release date, and pricing information, we will post an update.For those of you who have been waiting for this game's release, you can now head over to PC through the new link at the bottom of this article to snap up a copy of Pirate ship game for PC.
More information about the game,Click our official site:http://pirateworld.joywar.com/

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