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Posted by johnerickson on September 8th, 2016

Food, when left in the open at room temperature for long goes stale. This is applicable not only to the cooked food but to raw food material too. Raw chicken goes stale in a day or two if left out in the open. These troublesome conditions prompted humans to come up with a solution to enable them to store food for longer that would allow its use longer than usual. The result of the brainstorming that followed this thought is ‘Refrigeration’. Storing food at a lower temperature maintains its palatability for a much longer time. Refrigeration, as we know it today, began in mid-1750s and its development happened in the early 1800s. 1854 marked the invention of the first commercial ice-making machine. Refrigerator for home use was invented in 1923 and from there on the journey to newer and better inventions has continued.

Walk in freezer & cooler are important parts of the commercialization process of the food industry. When the large amount of food is required to be stored for use or sale over a long period of time, walk in freezer & cooler comes to rescue. Most common example of their use is in a restaurant or a butcher shop for cold storage of raw meat or other food items. Technically speaking, a walk in freezer or cooler is an enclosed space refrigerated to temperatures, respectively, below, and at or above 32 Degrees Fahrenheit that can be walked into. Food stored at or below −18 °C (0 °F) is safe indefinitely and that’s what makes these equipments so important for the food industry. There are two ways to get your walk-in freezer & cooler. One is to buy a ready-to-ship model. The other is to get it assembled and installed at your place. The latter takes a longer process, but it is more durable.

Nothing on earth is permanent and gets corroded or wasted eventually. So is the case with walk in freezer & cooler parts. It can be anything ranging from the top mount, under-counter to kick plates or the digital thermometer. For a machine as expensive as this, it is impossible to get rid of the old one and buy a new one after a few years of use. So, the prudent thing to do is to buy the broken parts from a reliable store of reliable quality for a lasting life.
Everything, from the tiniest pin to giant machines, is available online. Making smart comparisons between different stores before you finalize on the new walk in freezer & cooler parts will ensure you don’t make a wrong choice.

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