Alternative Scoliosis Treatment : A Healthier Choice

Posted by abby smiths on September 8th, 2016

Surgery, as we know it today is the modern version of the ancient surgical procedures which were performed mostly by priests, specialized in medical treatments similar to today. During the ancient era, dating back to 1200 BC, sutures were used to close wounds and infections were treated with honey. Medical industry today, as opposed to yesteryears, has become a money making machine with patients being rushed into opting for expensive treatment including surgeries at an early stage of a disease or an injury. Sure, with advancements in technology a lot of incurable diseases are being cured today. But, the number of instances of the surgeries or the treatment going wrong is also on an all-time high. Scoliosis is one such medical condition which is infamous for the prolonged aftereffects following its corrective surgery.

Due to the increasing number of such cases where the patient starts to develop significant complications even after a successful surgery, alternative scoliosis treatments are gaining popularity among the people. Non surgical scoliosis treatment includes physical therapy exercises, yoga and chiropractic. These treatments don’t fall into the category of traditional orthopedic practices. One reason why such alternative treatments are not as sort after as bracing or surgery is the time involved in getting results using these techniques. And the reason why these therapies are gaining relevant foothold, especially in the United States, is that there are no post treatment complications.

The frequency of the complications developed in scoliosis post surgery is higher than it should be. Between 1993 and 2002, a survey was conducted which revealed that around 15% of the children and 25% of the adults experienced complications post surgery. Now these are worrying figures that should be taken into account before you opt for surgery to fix this problem. In approximately 90% of the cases, the scoliotic curves that is required to be corrected are mild and do not require active treatment. With growing age, continuous monitoring for any progression is very important. This may require X-rays to be reviewed and compared to notice any progression in the curve. These checks help a long way to avoid the spinal fusion surgery or any other form of surgery to correct the curve.

Alternative scoliosis treatment is least invasive to the body whereas corrective surgery is the most. The information and awareness about the non surgical scoliosis treatment is minimal among the people and this stands firmly as the root cause behind the complications post surgery.
Acquiring correct and complete information before you decide on a treatment is must to secure a bright future. Internet is the best place to find all the answers or at least all the questions you need to ask your doctor before you make a choice.

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