Conflict resolution programs to overcome conflict at business place!

Posted by Allied training on September 8th, 2016

Conflict resolution training is provided as degree program; identified by names such as negotiation training, peace studies, dispute resolution, reconciliation and conflict mediation. The degree depends on eh whether the candidate is pursuing degree from school of business, school of law, international relation department, political science department and other public policy degree. It also determines the kind of course required for completing the curriculum requirement. Conflict should be handled with maximum care to enhance business productivity, innovation and growth. How to learn the right strategy and skills for conflict resolution program?

This useful program is used in business and social negotiation. If one is a mediator in procurement contract negotiation helps the company strike to give the best deal at the best rate.Conflict resolution programstend to interdisciplinary with required coursework for various department including ethics, psychology, counseling, policy, organizational development, interpersonal communication and cross cultural communication and legal problem solving. Course is the part of program includes-

  • Conflict theory

  • Negotiation theory

  • Dispute system design

  • Alternative dispute resolution

The skill requires both a theoretical and practical approach to manage conflict and offer classes use in modeling, role playing, hands on skill clinic, internship or practicum and examining authentic case studies. Conflict resolution and mediation students get these courses in many fields including human resource management, project management, law enforcement, social services, lawyers, government, healthcare, non-profit management and much more.

Conflict resolution programs provides wide range of benefits-

  • The program is created for employees and other stakeholder.

  • It provides process for making complaints and conducting investigation.

  • It is flexible enough to address workplace issues ranging from personal clashes to potential discrimination or harassment lawsuit.

  • Brings employees grievance to light and defuse it at the early state.

  • Provides opportunity to explore option using dialogue.

  • The system keeps all the policies and procedure as simple as possible.

  • Training prepares managers to effectively listen, understand motives, and comprehend how their own actions may be perceived.

  • Enables for revision to the process as needs using appropriate feedback mechanism.

Ultimate the program pay off the result which is faster and more user friendly. It is less expensive and more private then traditional and adversarial method. It gives employees an opportunity to discuss unresolved program or complaints with board or committee of management personnel which can include the president or CEO. Conciliation is an informal process focused on channeling or conveying message between parties who are unwilling to meet face to face with the goal of common interest and re-establishing direct communication.


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