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Posted by abegailgail on September 8th, 2016

I've already decided what I'm doing for my next work. Based on the title, fans can expect a lot of action in the Sparta hack installment of the series. A few hoped that Mecha the manga would be back in the manga Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 but things didn't look too good, since the character has never been shown in promotional material.

Sparta hack

The videos showed playable characters in different matches such as Team 7 versus Madara Uchiha and Ten-Tails Obito, Team Hyuga versus Team Uchiha, and The Last Team 7 versus Kakashi. The latest issue of V-Jump magazine includes some new game online Sparta hack which showcase the ultimate jutsus that Boruto and Sarada will be able to use in the game. The videos showcases several playable characters engaged in different matches such as Team 7 versus Madara Uchiha, Ten Tails Obito versus Team 7, Team Hyuga versus Team Uchiha, The Last Team 7 versus Kakashi and much more. It should be noted that Neji is gifted with the Byakugan and Sasuke is gifted with the Sharigan. You can check out the scan by going here. Though for anyone looking for their next fix of anime ninja action they will have to endure a slight delay, as the game has been pushed back to 5th February 2016. So far, it is dubbed as the biggest entry in the franchise of fighting games from Naruto. Thanks to the variety of characters, matching up with different opponents can be a unique experience, as seen in the new trailers that GameSpot managed to obtain. The latest game takes up the story after the events of Ninja Storm 3 and features the end of the Great Ninja War, and the huge brawl that results.
Another change comes in the form of characters wearing armour that you can gradually browser game bot and break during combat.

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