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Solar LED Lantern Manufacturers and Solar LED Lanterns

Posted by tracksunsolar on September 8th, 2016

Today, people across the world are using different solar products because they can conserve energy and save money on electricity. Solar products are eco-friendly and do not release any harmful substances in the atmosphere. Many people use solar lanterns today for camping and is popularly used by people who perform outdoor activities. They are made of sodium vapors and emit bright lights. These products can be installed easily anywhere and are known for their durability also. They consist of a feature for two-way operations consisting of LED indicators.

Solar lantern manufacturers

The solar lantern manufacturers manufacture solar lanterns of three types namely LED, CFL and florescent tubes. Today many solar LED lantern manufacturers are found because many people prefer to use Solar LED lanterns because they emit bright light. The LED solar lanterns are available with electrical chargers also. They consist of lead acid battery with in-built dual chargers. It is also made of overcharge protection built system. Many people use LED system today due to following reasons.

  1. Save other costs
  2. Easy for installing
  3. Less maintenance

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy and does not require any cost to harness the sunlight. So, many people are using solar products because they can be used for long time. So, solar lanterns are widely used in many places especially by sportsmen. The power capacity of solar led lanterns ranges from 12 V to 5 W.  Most of the people across the world use solar lanterns due to many reasons such as:

  1. Does not emit any smoke or ashes
  2. Efficient and safe
  3. Consist of electronic components
  4. Consisting of a/c charging
  5. Can produce light to larger distances

The solar led lanterns are made of parts such as acrylic chimney material, SMD LED, housing material, lead acid battery or electrolyte battery, battery consisting of different power capacity. Such lanterns can be started easily by using power on and power off button, fuse button, socket for charging mobile. The LED lanterns even indicate charging levels such as deep charge, battery charged or battery charging. The lanterns even consist of charge controller systems for disconnecting load when required.

Solar lantern manufacturers in India

Many people in India use solar products because sunlight is available for almost ten months in a year and can harness solar energy easily. Some parts of India are warmer throughout the year and hence use solar products. Many people are using solar lanterns also for camping and other outdoor purposes.  In Delhi, the climate is very hot during summers and hence people are using solar products. So, many solar led lantern manufacturers in Delhi produce solar led lanterns too. They produce light output of 112 or even more.

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