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Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on September 8th, 2016

Desserts are a sign of life for us. We have spices and salt too often. It’s good to have a change sometimes. If this change means that you are having a smoothie after dinner, this change isn’t bad at all. Use iSi whipper with your cream and you have the best whipped cream to top you smoothie with. Chargers are very effective. Ultra purewhip will save you a lot of effort.

The chargers have been made to provide you with well whipped cream within seconds. Now you do not need to keep on whipping the cream by hand. What good is science if it cannot make our kitchen life easier? This probably the thought that made someone try nitrous oxide with cream. However, he or she came up with the idea is none of our concern. What we are concerned with is the use of the idea at home. This ‘invention’ has given us the skill to make cakes that are as good as the ones that are displayed at the bakeries.

It is a fact that the sense of sight and sense of smell adds to the temptation of having a piece of food that is in front of you. The two senses make our brain think that the taste will be out of the world too. No wonder, we go crazy at the sight of things that are well decorated. It is this decoration that makes up for half of the reasons behind our cravings. iSi whipper and many other cream chargers have made it possible for us to dress our desserts and coffees very nicely at home as well. You do not need to be a professional baker to use ultra purewhip. It is as important to use at home as any other items that you can find in all kitchens.

Trust us when we tell you that whipped cream looks good and tastes even better when we use it with a blueberry pie. How do you make a blueberry pie? It is fairly simple. You need sugar, cornstarch, salt, ground cinnamon and some butter. Are we forgetting something? Yes! How can we miss blueberries? A bowl of blueberries will be enough for our dessert. Make sure that your blueberries are fresh. You can make a good mixture using all of these ingredients and pour them into the crust. Some part of the crust will be used as strips to cover the mixture. Bake the pie in the oven for just about quarter of an hour and your pie should be ready.

You can already see how good the pie smells, but you know you are not done yet. Grab a dispenser, pour cream in it, pour the nitrous oxide in it and close the dispenser. Shake the dispenser well and when you are sure that you have shaken it well, you can dispense the whipped cream over your freshly baked pie. Nothing can taste better than a fresh pie with whipped cream on it.

Whipped cream is best when it is made using ultra purewhip chargers. Results show that iSi whipper isn’t bad at its job either. Read more about the chargers on our website.

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