The pros and cons of custom building homes in California and Nevada.

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on September 9th, 2016

If you’re thinking of doing a custom home build in California and Nevada, you may be surprised to know that this is now the new black in home building. These days, custom home building is considered the smart option.

There are good commercial reasons for that. New technology, CAD design, and improved building technologies are behind a quiet but very large revolution in rethinking home building. One of the reasons for this rethink is the emergence of smart homes. It no longer makes sense to simply put up a boxlike house with basic facilities when that sort of house will be obsolete within a few years.

CAD design, in the meantime, has drastically improved design efficiency, to the extent where you can actually cost an individual weld in a skyscraper. As you can imagine, the improvements and added efficiencies in home construction have been proportionately drastic.

The net result for home builders, however, is all good. Real prices and costs have gone down, and the ability to design fabulous homes according to realistic budgets has also improved. The net result is you can now have a fabulous custom-designed home for the price of the old style homes, or in some cases, even cheaper.

Better still, you really don’t have to worry about quality with custom built homes. Unlike the old-style homes, you can’t just stick frames on the foundation and put a roof on them any more. These precision-designed homes are intrinsically better, from the design stage to completion.

OK, so much for the pros for the time being. The cons boil down to one very simple issue – Do you know what’s possible when you commission a custom built home? Do you know what you want?

The easy way to find out is to check out a company called Howe Built, one of the leading custom home construction companies in California and Nevada. This company has been in business for 50 years. They’ve seen it all, from the big housing boom of the 60s through to the rise of smart homes.

If you check out their website here at, and in particular look at their custom built homes in Lake Tahoe and home renovations in Carson City, this is the state of modern custom home building. Look good? You can contact them online or by phone.

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