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Posted by onlinedivorce on September 9th, 2016

Being in a relationship is considered to be one of the most beautiful phase of life. However, getting married and living together is not that easy. There needs to be lot of understanding, adjustment and time among the couple for a long lasting married life. However, in the current scenario wherein life has become racy, individuals have become career minded, expenses in life shooting up, the cases of divorce have increased substantially across the world. Whatever may be the reason, the fact lies that if the relationship is becoming bitter, staying together is becoming difficult and there is no way that the relationship can be revamped, separating is always better as there is no point being in a relationship that has no future. Divorces can become emotionally draining if not handled well. Adding to it, if the couple is childless, separating is a much hassle free process but when the couple has child or children, the divorce is not that easy as it encompasses the responsibility of the child.

As per various psychologists, when a couple undergoes separation, the child is said to be greatly affected. Considering this fact various counsellors and experts have come up with online parenting skill courses exclusively for single parents. These courses help the individuals to understand the nuances of handling a child all alone. These courses have picked big in the recent times, because it is essential for a single parent to know how to raise a single child. Also, in majority of the divorce cases wherein the couple has a child, the courts take the judgement of whom the child should be handed over depending upon the mental, physical and financial ability of either of the parent. In such situation, it becomes mandatory to prove that one is capable of handling the child without any concerns.

This concern has been taken up so seriously that in some parts of the world, the courts have introduced Mandatory Divorce Parent class for all those couples who have are opting for a separation but have child. These classes are to identify the prospective good parent among the two and then accordingly allow the child to stay with that parent. Though the major focus of these courses are on the parents, the children too are involved in the training to know whom the child is very close to.  Thus, these programs are 360 degrees service to the family that has opted for divorce.

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