Safety Tips for a Damage-Free AC Shift with Packers and Movers in Nagpur

Posted by payal mishra on June 10th, 2024

Getting your AC moved to another location soon? If yes, then wait, you shouldn’t step ahead until you have the right guidance in hand first. ACs are extremely important and vulnerable electric items that require special attention and handling. Moving them carelessly can be a nightmare for you. Read the blog and figure out 5 practical tips along with some potential risks involved while moving them with packers and movers in Nagpur

5 Major Safety Precautions for a Safe AC Move

Find the list of 5 big safety precautions that you shouldn’t miss out on an AC shift:

  1. Cut off before initiating the move :- ACs run on high-voltage electricity, make sure you disconnect properly before finally kick-starting the move.

  2. Pack and protect with extra cushioning:-Packing can protect the AC from getting severely damaged despite having sudden shocks or jerks during transit.

  3. Allow extra space in the vehicle:-Give some extra space in the vehicle that you are using for transportation.

  4. Use sufficient manpower:-ACs are heavy, and thus you have to ensure that sufficient manpower is available or hire professional movers for the specialized handling and care.

  5. Recycling the discarded parts:- Don’t just move away once you are done with the move with packers and movers in Chandrapur. The discarded parts can be recycled to prevent further waste generation.

Risks Involved in an AC Shift

Check out some possible risks that can risk the AC move:

  • Electric shocks, and burns due to direct exposure to heat,

  • Tilting, and shaking,

  • Damage to the outer layer,

  • Creating difficulty in claiming warranty,

  • Sprain, and strain.


Shifting an AC is a far more risky and complicated process than the rest of the items in a premise. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions that can keep the potential dangers away. Consider the points discussed above for a safe and secure AC move.

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