Can a Working Couple’s Children Be Sponsored and Insured Under Different Parents’ Companies?

Posted by Dr. Hassan Elhais on June 10th, 2024


In Dubai, where a significant portion of the population comprises expatriate workers, sponsorship and health insurance for dependents are crucial considerations, especially for working couples.

When both parents are employed, a common question arises: Can their children be sponsored and insured under different parents’ companies? Understanding the legal framework is essential to navigate this scenario effectively. This article explores the details of these laws and their implications for working couples aiming to sponsor and insure their children under different parent companies.

Health Insurance Coverage for Employees and their Dependents:

Federal Decree-Law No. 33/2021 on the Regulation of Employment Relations and Law No. 11/2013 Concerning Health Insurance in Dubai lays down distinct obligations for employers and sponsors regarding health insurance coverage for employees and their dependents. Under Article 13(8) & (9) of the UAE Labour Law, employers are mandated to bear healthcare costs and the expenses of insurance, contributions, and securities, ensuring comprehensive coverage for workers, ensuring employees’ financial protection through health insurance, life insurance, and social security contributions.

Similarly, Article 10 of Dubai Law No. 11/2013 outlines employers’ obligations regarding health insurance for their workers. Employers are legally mandated to ensure that their employees have access to comprehensive health insurance coverage. This includes subscribing their workers to health insurance plans in accordance with the policy applied by the employer and the provisions of the law.

Moreover, employers are required to bear the financial burden associated with the subscription cost of health insurance for their workers and cannot transfer this cost to the employees. It is also mandatory for employers to guarantee the continuous validity of health insurance coverage for their workers throughout the duration of their employment. In cases where workers do not have health insurance coverage under the provisions of the law, employers must bear the costs of health services and medical interventions in emergency situations.

Furthermore, employers must provide their workers with the necessary documentation, such as health insurance cards, and provide them with the health insurance policy upon issuance or renewal of their residence permit.

Sponsors’ Obligations Regarding Health Insurance for their Sponsored Individuals:

On the other hand, Article 11 of Dubai Law No. 11/2013 defines sponsors’ obligations regarding health insurance for their sponsored individuals. Sponsors must ensure that sponsored persons have access to comprehensive health insurance coverage, bearing the costs and providing necessary documentation. In cases where one parent’s employer does not provide health insurance benefits for dependents, the other parent, typically the sponsor, assumes responsibility for obtaining health insurance for the children, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and comprehensive health coverage for the family.

For a working couple in Dubai, the sponsorship and insurance coverage for their children depend on various factors, including the employment status of each parent and the provisions of their respective employers. If both parents are employed and covered by separate companies, each parent’s employer may provide health insurance coverage for the respective employee, including their dependents, as per company policy. It is not mandatory to provide insurance coverage to the employee’s dependents.

However, if the children are not covered under either parent’s employer-sponsored health insurance, the sponsor, typically one of the parents, must ensure their health insurance coverage as per Dubai Law No. 11/2013.


While the law provides flexibility in sponsoring and insuring children under different parents’ companies Understanding these legal details is essential for working couples aiming to navigate the complexities of sponsorship and insurance coverage for their children under different parents’ companies in Dubai.


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