Premade Level 70 Character Live in Neverwinter with ilvl 1600 Items & Owlbears

Posted by goldsafe21 on September 10th, 2016

Premade level 70 characters are now for sale in Neverwinter. Would you like to purchase one to rehearse? Many amazing bonus and items are attached to the character, like Owlbears and 1600 item level equipment. If you are interested, cheap neverwinter astral diamonds are in full stock on Safewow to be with you!

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What bonuses are attached to level 70 premade characters?
New premade characters will start at 1600 item level equipments. That means, they can join in epic dungeons. Besides, each new premade character can choose one of 5 uniquely skinned Epic Owlbear Mounts, with 110% epic speed and +8000HP passive mount power.
Certainly, the bonuses do not stop here. It also includes rare-quality seasoned artifact, seasoned adventurer’s items pack, retraining token, and character slot. It would be a superb meal!
How do premade characters work in Neverwinter?
To make players quickly familiar with the class, there will be some tutorial quests completed with a set of power choices. Once you are familiar with the premade character, you can customize the build with the retraining tokens. However, many players feel concerned about the basic competence and the game system.
Premade level 70 characters would have a big impact on the endgame
For many players, the content before the endgame is playable and also helpful to hone the basic competence.
But to buy directly an level 70 from the shelf kind of devalues the content from 1-70. If the content before the endgame is that easy to be mastered, what is its value and purpose for the existence?
If someone buying a premade character still need to spend much more time in practice, it means epic dungeons will likely be full of weak players with no knowledge of their characters and boons. Thus, will epic dungeons be “epic”?
More interestingly, if Knox still gives the Artifact Facts quest to premade characters, they are one-up on artifacts over a non premade character.
Part of people would rather buy premade character for higher stats
In spite of the above, there are some advantages on the premade level 70 characters. A part of people would rather buy a couple for some alts. In their opinion, leveling up from 1-60 is fun, but level 60+ contents should be what they pursue of.
Meanwhile, it is obvious that the toons attached to premade characters are more cost-efficient than usual. The Epic Mount and 2 Runic Bags alone are 6400 Zen total normally. for this issue, many people would like to have toon at lvl 70 first
Premade level 70 characters have been live in Neverwinter. Would you like to buy one? Anyway, to adventure in Neverwinter, cheap neverwinter astral diamonds are never absent. Now Safewow has cheapest neverwinter astral diamonds for sale. Go ahead!

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