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Posted by reez thomas on September 12th, 2016

Ice Hockey is a fast paced fiery game most popular in Canada, Northern United States, and northern and eastern Europe. If you are an Ice Hockey enthusiast, a player or a fan, you would know how passionate the spectators and the players can get in a game of Ice Hockey. The adrenaline rush is always on a high and the players are ready to go beyond the limits to get the winning trophy home. And why not, when the connect with the game comes naturally to them and the participation from the crowd is magnificent too. It is a game of speed and thrill. Every game of Ice Hockey is better than the best thriller movie there is.

Now, if you have played or watched Ice Hockey you would know that it is played on a rink. An arena is rectangular in shape with rounded corners. It is surrounded by a wall, approximately 1 meter (40-48 inches) high called the boards. Why are the boards required? The answer is simple. Ice hockey is played with a vulcanized rubber puck which can be dangerous given the pace at which it travels. The injuries could be severe and you wouldn’t know the half of it. For this reason, the players in the game are well guarded with all the pads and the helmet. If there were no boards, the rubber puck could easily find its way to the spectators and injure a few of them. All the passion associated with the game could fade away with the kind of injury it would cause. Hence, the need for the boards.

Besides the dasher boards, which form the lower part of the rink enclosure, rink shielding systems are also in place for extra safety. Rink shielding extends up beyond the dasher boards and is meant as a precautionary measure to avoid any negative incidents. These are usually made of tempered glass or acrylic. In many arenas, facilitators get tempered glass and acrylic shielding for ice hockey. But, acrylic is being chosen over tempered glass these days due to its durability and optical clarity. Additionally, it doesn’t shatter like glass when broken.

So, if you run a facility for Ice hockey and running out of options to buy accessories shielding for the rinks, you should get the web and search around for the best places to buy shielding for Ice Hockey. Internet presents so many choices specific to your needs and location that it becomes almost effortless to get the right thing.

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