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Posted by Universal on September 12th, 2016

The days when “any old thing” was good enough for industrial and construction screws and fasteners are long gone. These days, specifications, contract management, and basic common sense means that you need top quality, precision made fasteners.

For example, custom bolts are now must-haves. Everything from load-bearing to threads and the design specifications dictates the quality difference between precision screws, fasteners, bolts, and “any old thing”.

Finding what you want, however, can be a particularly frustrating process. If you’re in industry or construction, you will have long since got tired of rummaging around the internet trying to find what you want. What you actually need, of course, is a reliable supplier able to deliver what you want, exactly to specifications.

If you’re in the US, good news – There’s a company called Precision Screw Products in Illinois which is a custom bolts distributor. They make custom screws and custom bolts to your specifications. They also provide a full spectrum of standard screws, bolts and fasteners, and you can order whatever you want online.

The huge advantage of this service is that you can now get custom made bolts, screws, stainless steel fasteners, made according to exact design specifications. If you work with CAD designs, you won’t need to be told how useful this is.

The average modern CAD industrial or construction design can provide a list of specifications bigger than a phonebook quite easily, and those specifications must be met or exceeded. Better still, this company also provides a range of consultancy services and technical advisory help. Instead of trying to talk to people who don’t understand what you want, you’ll be talking to experts who really do understand what you need and can actually deliver for you.

For more information about this company and their range of products and services, visit their website here at http://www.precisionscrewprod.com/. We would also strongly recommend that you speak directly to their experts about your needs. For once, at least, you’ll be able to hold a conversation without having to resort to baby talk and sign language to get what you want.

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