Neverwinter astral diamonds 9% off sale: Scourge Warlock Build with Hellbringer

Posted by goldsafe21 on September 12th, 2016

Today we share the Neverwinter Scourge Warlock build by Fernu Stormborn. In Mod 10, the Hellbringer paragon is works better than Soulbinder in PVE, especially for party benefits.
Rotation with high damage

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Arms of Hadar / Fiery Bolt / Pillar of Power

Single target:

Arms of Hadar / Killing Flames / Pillar of Power

Max debuff:

Arms of Hadar / Dreadtheft / Pillar of Power

1, Arms of Hadar is amazing damage dealer now, has short cooldowns (and OP can reduce it even more) and has nice control ability (even without bug).

2, Pillar of Power is one of the best buff/debuff ability you will find in this game. And it's party wise. It buffs our damage, debuff damage resistance of mobs, debuffs mobs damage and buffs our damage resistance. Oh, and with even my low recovery - 2k - you can have it on all the time.

You really want to cast it under mobs (especially bosses) feats so we can benefit from it most. With Damnation's path Power of Nine Hells we can even leave it for 5 seconds and we still benefit from it.

3, Killing Flames is still nice single target. Period.

4, Fiery Bolt is great AoE damage with pretty nice cooldown (don't forget to curse!)

5, Dreadtheft doesn't buff us a lot, as the buff/debuff dissapear as soon as it ends but it's works great for party!

For AT Wills I use Hellish Rebuke (amazing dot damage) and Hand of Blight (as it's fast in meele, debuffs mobs damage and has quite nice damage). Keep in mind to use them A LOT - as you get A LOT damage buff from Flames of Empowerment!

Tyrannical Curse still wins best daily award, EVEN on single target. It buffs our damage, we dont have to worry about casting curse. With high AP gain I like to use it with Gates of Hell - amazing damage and really large area of effect.


Offensive slots: Brutals

Defensive slots: Savage

Weapon enchant: Dread

Armor enchant: Elven Battle

For more SW build and guides about BOONS, MOUNTS, Companions, Artifacts and more, watch below video you will know.

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