Two wheel and 4 wheel suitcases, which is best?

Posted by adam1995 on September 13th, 2016

If you are shopping for your next trip and wish to buy a new bag, you may be wondering whether to buy a 4 wheel suitcase or one with two wheels. Well, the answer solely depends on your travelling needs, which are further dependent on the length and duration of your journey and whether or not you are travelling alone. You should compare the prices and features of both kinds of luggage in order to get a clearer picture of how well they would suit you.

1.Packing room:
If you are looking for more packing room inside the luggage, then the two-wheeled suitcases are a great choice. In addition to more flexibility and interior crevices that accommodate all those knick-knacks easily, the 2 wheel upright luggage options are much lighter in weight.

2.Ease of movement:
This factor too gets the 2-wheelers an additional bonus as they can be manoeuvred faster and in any direction in the most hassle free way possible. Even if the surface is uneven, you wouldn’t face any problem easily. They just need to be pulled and their lighter weight allows you to build up or reduce speed as you like.

Four wheeled lightweight suitcases are for effortless mobility when it comes to your body’s posture and joint-health. The four wheels take the pressure off your wrists and elbows as you can roll it much closer to your body. In addition to that, you can drag them in multiple ways instead of just letting them tag behind you. A sideways roll where they move alongside your body also ensures that people walking behind you do not get hit by mistake.

Four wheeled luggage tends to cost a little more than the two-wheeled bags. But the difference is not too great which means that you can easily pay more attention to the rest of the factors that would help you decide which one would be an ideal choice for you.

5.Variety in colour and design:
There are endless options available in both colour and design of both kinds of bags. The two-wheel options are usually lighter in weight and that allows for a better quirkiness to be included in its shape and overall look. However, the four wheel luggage is usually designed in standard shapes that easily hold the four wheels in place while distributing the weight and space uniformly, all over. The size and style would solely depend on your liking and how often you would like to take that bag out.

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