10 Tips to Help You Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Posted by interfuse on August 20th, 2010

Earning money with affiliate programs can be an exciting thing, especially when your well laid plans have been carried out and your programs are consistently sending you checks. Here are some tips for increasing your monthly revenue and building lifetime residuals that you can count on down the road.

1.       Choose the programs you support wisely. Supporting programs that don?t pay out is like throwing money down the drain.

2.       Bear in mind whether you plan to earn from direct affiliate sales, referral sales or both. Earning commissions from referral sales may add an additional security blanket to your profits however direct commissions means you decide what you make.

3.       Choose a niche and stick with it. Every plan for success has a threshold; the only way to break through that threshold is through persistence.

4.       Stick to markets of your expertise or affiliate programs you are interested in. If the program itself loses your interest, you stand no chance at making a reasonable income.

5.       Be creative. To find true success online, you may need to venture outside of your boundaries and try new things.

6.       When you?ve found a method that works, stick with it, better yet, run with it.

7.       Promote, promote, promote. If you have a website, promote it everywhere. Search engines, web directories, blogs, you want to catch the attention of as many people as possible to reap the highest sales figures.

8.       Does the affiliate program you are working with promise lifetime commissions? These programs can be the most rewarding affiliate programs, period. There is nothing quite like monthly pay days ten years down the road.

9.       Try a handful of affiliate programs and promote them equally. It is important not to choose favorites until after the check has arrived in the mail. After you have established which programs pay and which programs don?t, cut exposure for low paying programs and increase exposure for high paying programs.

10.   Understand conversion ratios. Affiliate programs that convert well on one site may not convert at all on the next. Establish where each program converts sales and promote it there. If a program is not converting it has been established that it should be cut and replaced with something else.

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