Weinberg Law Offices Discusses The Importance of Hiring A Glendale Dog Bite Lawyer

Posted by Marketer's Center on July 8th, 2024

GLENDALE, CA – JULY 8,2024 - Weinberg Law Offices, located in Los Angeles, CA, announced that they are currently accepting clients who may have been involved in a dog bite attack in Glendale, CA. The law office has discussed how important hiring a Glendale dog bite lawyer will be if you have been a victim of an attack recently. “For someone who was injured in a dog bite attack, we know for a fact that it can be distressing. These attacks happen without any prior provocation,” said Yoni Weinberg. “What’s even scarier is that a dog bite can lead to either serious infections that can be fatal or even permanent injury. We’re here to tell you that you could be entitled to compensation if you have dealt with a dog bite injury recently.”


Weinberg Law Offices states that hiring a Glendale, CA dog bite attorney will be crucial, especially when you have dealt with injuries that may be serious. “In the state of California, there is a doctrine of strict liability that needs to be followed,” said Weinberg. “The dog’s owner is liable for the injuries of the victim if the dog bite attack occurred either in public or on private property so long as the victim had the legal right to be there.”


Weinberg said that while many states have the “one bite” rule in their books, California does not because of the strict liability law that is in place. In addition, Weinberg mentioned that a negligence claim must require the following:


●       Did the dog’s owner have the reasonable responsibility to prevent the dog from causing injury to others?


●       Did the owner fail to have control of their dog, thereby causing the injury?


●       If the dog jumped or knocked you over, did it cause injuries?


●       Did injuries or losses result from a dog attack?


Weinberg Law Offices states that hiring a dog bite lawyer is important because they are familiar with personal injury laws pertaining to such incidents. They will also work with you to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to cover your medical expenses, lost wages due to missing work, and pain and suffering among others.


If you believe you have a case due to injuries sustained from a dog bite attack in Glendale, contact the Weinberg Law Offices today at 818-697-1079.

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