Can Umrah be done in seven days?

Posted by Muminah Tannous on July 9th, 2024

Is the Umrah sufficiently completed in a week? Many pilgrims are wondering if they can complete Umrah in just seven days. Actually, it’s correct and achievable in a week according to what you expected.

If we talk about ritual performance for Umrah, it doesn’t take many days; instead, you can perform Umrah in a couple of hours. The actual Umrah combines four rituals that take only 4 to 5 hours. However, we assume you are referring to the Umrah tour in both holy cities. Honestly, some pilgrims won’t be satisfied after just two to three weeks. Going to a reputable travel agency is the easiest option for you. Rest assured, the agency will offer you the most exceptional Umrah packages with all-inclusion from Bradford.

A Guide to Completing the Umrah in Seven Days

The duration of an Umrah journey might range from 4 to 5 hours based on the existing crowds. The total rites require a small amount of time from you. So, let’s say multiple Umrah performances to make it comfortable.

Day 1: Arrival in Makkah

You will probably land at the Jeddah Airport. Getting to Makkah from Jeddah Airport should take at most an hour. Just give yourself a few hours to relax before you go on the next step to perform pilgrimage rituals. You might also fly into Madinah and take a bus or train to Makkah.

Day 2: Ihram and performing Umrah

After you’ve rested, it’s time to do the rituals of Umrah. Here, it would be best if you are energetic and stress-free to undertake rituals. For the very first, you have to enter the state of Ihram. You can enter the state of Ihram from the specified Miqat point or your Makkah accommodation. Ensure you are fully engaged and intentional before continuing this precious journey. Simply:

  • Enter into Ihram
  • Perform Tawaf and Sa’ee
  • Pray at the Holy Mosque

After finishing that, you will need to shave or trim your hair. It will take no more than an hour to get to the barbershop and get it done. Your Umrah has been completed.

Day 3-5: Exploring Makkah for worship

Once you are done, dive into the spiritual environment where you can draw near to Allah Almighty through worship. Explore the holy city of Makkah and visit historical sites such as Jabal Al-Nour, Jannat Al Mu’alla, Jabal Thawr, etc. Devote time to spiritual activities and reflection. Patience is required since you are requesting forgiveness from Allah SWT. Enjoy your stay there and experience the tranquillity and peace; it will be wonderful.

Day 6: Leaving toward Madinah

You can visit Makkah and Madinah for a week and pray there. Please keep in mind how important it is that you pray quietly. Now, you should have to take your turn to Madinah. Take a bus or other mode of transportation to Madinah from Makkah. In Madinah, your focal point is Masjid-e-Nabwi, where you can pray and receive blessings from God. Make the most of your time by reciting the Holy Quran and doing Dhikr, which means remembering Allah Almighty. Spend this time in a more profound spiritual and emotional connection. Get your spirit ready to visit the holy city of Madinah.

Day 7: Exploration in Madinah

In Madinah, you may want to see the whole city. Take time in the Mosque lands, pay respects to the Rawdah and give salutations to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Visit the ancient landmarks and sites, including the Uhud Mountains, the Quba Mosque, and the Qiblatain Mosque. Explore the city’s cultural and historical sites as much as you can. Appreciate every aspect of Madinah’s history and learn about each site’s Islamic heritage and importance.

How do you choose the seven-day Umrah package?

Numerous travel agencies or companies will be willing to provide you with various packages. Make sure you have done all of your research before you choose one. Agents may also offer packages for 14 and 21 days, but a week might be all you need. Be sure you have all the necessary information before you leave. Find the perfect 7-day Umrah package by checking out the offerings (inclusions). Remember everything required, such as the hotel and other offerings. Let your travel agent know your plans for how many days you will be in Makkah and Madinah, such as four days in Makkah and three days in Madinah.

To Finalize

The duration of an Umrah trip can be seven days or one week. You can choose from a variety of seven-day Umrah packages. When selecting customized services, please consider all the factors, as they demand dedication, thorough preparation, and effective time management.

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