Risk Assessment Plan to Prevent Negative Occurrences and Alleviate Consequences

Posted by Steven Main on September 15th, 2016

For every business entrepreneur there are a set of different activities required to carry out business activities. The process of entire business development starts with the idea, project development, evaluation, investment, development, start-up, expansion, manufacturing, re-evaluation and cycle improvement. For successful business operations all these activities are important so that you can enjoy sustainable development of your business.

During the entire planned business process many situations arise which are potential to jeopardize the whole process and disturb the running of business. Despite the fact that the business process is planned in a perfect manner there are chances of occurrences that deviate the plan from its path and pose as uncertainty. Risk assessments are therefore essential for successful completion of the process. Every business has risk factor associated with it. There are chances that something untoward will take place leading to a change in the development of plan. Since risks are an inevitable part and parcel of the business, it is necessary to manage risks and prevent negative occurrences and to alleviate consequences, in case they appear.

Risk assessment plan is a procedure that must perfectly begin as soon as you start at the planning stage of the work activity. It continues throughout the work activity itself and mostly concludes in the periodic reviews, to make certain that the risk assessment is always current task specific and absolute. When you carry out risk assessment activity it is to ascertain whether or not each risk presents a significant danger of injury or damage to the employees or staff working in your organization. Experts are deployed to know the level of risk arising from each hazard and then quantify it using certain parameters keeping in mind current business procedures, existing and potential permit and work control.

Manual handling risk assessment is an integral part of OHS –occupational health and safety for organizations involved in wide range of manual handling activities such as lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying. The load can be in any form either inanimate such as a trolley or a box, or an individual or an animal.

Today one of the most common forms of health and safety training in the workplace is manual handling and in an environment that requires regular lifting of objects frequent and heavy lifting and handling can lead to serious back injuries.

Occupational Health and Safety consultants at http://safesystem.com.au/ looks at organizational structures, planning activities, procedures and evaluations issues and review cycles and measurement. They perform compliance auditing that determines whether your workplace is meeting the legislative criteria and provides information about any risks and relevant injury arising from issues at the workplace.

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