Halal Herbs and Spices for Good Taste and Health

Posted by Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. on September 15th, 2016

The term Halal—which literally meals ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’ in Arabic—is often used to refer to Muslim rules and standards for how food is raised, how it is slaughtered, how it is prepared. Herbs and spices that are labelled ‘Halal’ are made using ingredients and processes that follow these criteria. Some studies suggest that Halal food may be healthier and may even taste better than non-Halal counterparts. 

Halal food (including Halal spices and herbs) do not contain any pork or by-products of pork, including shortenings and gelatin. They also cannot contain any alcohol. Food items that use animal products must also follow stringent standards in order to be considered Halal. Any animals used should have been fed strictly vegetarian diets. Halal animals are not treated growth hormones or antibiotics because most hormones contain pork-based ingredients. Also, only wild-caught fish can be Halal certified. This is why many health advocates say that Halal food is healthier.

Spices and herbs that are labelled Halal are 100% pork free, but more than that, they also follow strict Halal manufacturing processes. All raw materials are handled in accordance with Islamic regulations. There is absolutely no inclusion of non-halal raw ingredients. Even the way these herbs and spices are packed follow strict rules. The ingredients must never come into contact with non-halal elements during processing, storage, and transportation. 

Should you buy Halal spices even if you are not a Muslim? Yes, why not? It certainly does not hurt to buy Halal spices and herbs if you want to cook Muslim dishes because the flavors you will get will be much more authentic. Halal herbs and spices are also widely used in Malaysian and Indian cooking. Consider stocking up on Halal herb and spice mixes if you love whipping up exotic dishes in your kitchen. 

Malaysia is one of the most important manufacturers Halal herbs and spices in the world.  The Islamic Development Division of Malaysia has led the way in promoting and protecting Islamic methods of handing consumer products. You can be sure that Halal certified herbs and spices in Malaysia are satisfy all applicable rules for preparation and processing, handling and storage, transportation, and even cleaning and management practices. These herbs and spices are very tasty and nutritious, too. They were manufactured following strict standards of cleanliness and purity, and you will find a lot of use for them in your kitchen.  

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This article is written by Brandon, who is the sales manager at Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. It is HALAL and HACCP Certified food manufacturing company that supply herbs, spices and seasoning products in Malaysia at affordable rates.

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