Ways to Find Custom Home Builders for Your Dream Home in Litchfield, CT

Posted by corbogroup on September 16th, 2016

Litchfield, Connecticut is a beautiful place for people to build their dream home. There are quite a few custom home builders in the area who can help people to build the home they have always wanted. Some of these builders have decades of experience in constructing new houses for their customers while some are recent entrants. With so many quality options around, it can be quite difficult sometimes to find the home builder who is just right for you.

One can, however, go through a few basic steps to finalize and hire a custom home builder who can bring your imagination to life. Here are some considerations that you can keep in mind while looking for a custom home builder in Litchfield, CT:

Market Research:

This is one of the most important steps to find a reputable, skilled and trustworthy custom home builder. Talk to friends and colleagues who have hired a custom home builder in the recent past. Also, check online for the options available. You can also check the Yellow Pages for names of such businesses. Go through their customer reviews, references and testimonials online.

If possible, you can also visit the houses that have been constructed by the home builders you have shortlisted. This will give you a fair idea about the standard and expertise of the custom home builder whom you intend to hire.

In addition, talk to the builders to understand what they can offer you. Some of them will have in-house architects who can design the dream house for you. The cost of hiring such a firm may be lesser than the cost of hiring an architect and a builder separately.

This market research will enable you to take the right decision and choose the best custom home builder in town.

Permits and Licenses:

Building a house means that you will need power, gas, water and sewage connections, in addition to building permits and other approvals. The regulatory requirements will increase if you want to fit other things such as a solar heater. You will need these permits and approvals before construction starts. You can apply and get these documents yourself or use a custom home builder who helps you with these applications.

This means that you will require a builder who knows what kinds of permits and licenses you will need and helps you with them. Getting the necessary permits will ensure that the house that you want designed and built is safe and constructed from resources that make the house sustainable and energy efficient. This would eventually help you save money and reduce the ownership costs while keeping your home well protected from the elements.

A home builder who can coordinate with the team of architects, engineers and surveyors to complete the structural and site plans for your new home is crucial in such instances. Look for a builder who also submits structural plans to the town council and helps you with the permission process. This help is invaluable for people who have no idea of the permits and licenses need for getting a home built.

Construction Time:

This is another important aspect of the process of hiring talented and efficient custom home builders. See to it that the builder gives you a timeline for construction and has a reputation for completing the work within the stipulated time.

Cost Quote:

This is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right custom home builder without making any compromises. One must ask for a written estimate and find out what the cost of constructing the house come out to be. Ask the builder what services are included in the total cost charged.

An important point to note here. Try not to go with a builder who gives a flat per square foot quote. The process of building a house is organic, and everything needs to be accounted for. The per square foot quote does not work as the house will have areas like the staircase, basement, loft, etc. that will have different construction costs. A builder who gives an accurate and detailed proposal is a safer bet. They sometimes look expensive as all costs are accounted for but their prices will not fluctuate.

Start with these points in mind when you start searching and you are likely to find a home builder who can build you the house of your dreams.

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