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Posted by Lemons Alicia on September 18th, 2016

With the baby's arrival, I received a lot of surprises, including the new camera Withings Home (Thanks to teams of Domadoo!). So it's been 3 months since I test it on my head and I decided to give you a little article because I'm sure it may interest some of you.

The spycameras designed by the Withings company can both be used as surveillance camera to your home or baby monitor to always have an eye on baby. The Home films in HD with a wide-angle of 135 ° and registers of small sequences in time-lapse. That is to say that if movement is detected, it will take a series of photos that you can then view on your mobile. You can still see a live continuous and take pictures manually when needed.
It can be a bit annoying because you can not see everything that happens unless we look at it live. However, they are not stupid at Withings, if you want more, with a fluid and continuous recording, you can opt for different pay packages ranging from € 7.95 (7 days continuously recorded videos) to 19, € 95 (for 1 month of video continuously recorded). In the basic version, ie without paying, I am entitled to 2 days of timelapse (+ live perfectly smooth course) and I can still replay me timelapse the last 24 hours.
The trigger recording can be done through a motion or noise detected and you can adjust the level of monitoring you need.

One important thing to know, and that could hinder you is that the videos are saved directly into the "cloud", that is to say on the Withings servers. Unfortunately there's no way to specify a space for storing videos or photos on FTP for example. This makes sense because it is a great product public.Elle is also microphone and speaker so you can hear what is happening at home, spread a lullaby to your child, talk to her directly via your smartphone to reassure him when in his crib (there is a reducing echo) or insult thieves who would dare go home.

A bright LED in the base changes color and makes pilot office when playing the little lullaby.

It also has an infrared mode, so there's way to monitor the animals that pass through your garden at night. I specify nevertheless something she is not made to work outdoors and unfortunately there is nothing about this camera that allows it to be attached to a wall. It is mandatory to ask about something. And it comes with a magnetic base so I did not understand the utility.
It can fit seamlessly into a living since to turn his inquisitive eye, just turn the bag faux wood that surrounds it. So, if your family members are afraid that you spying on them, they can absolutely make you blind (but not deaf ...).

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