Some Valuable Techniques To Draw And Paint Faster

Posted by David smith on September 18th, 2016

Painting is the best way to express your hidden emotions and feeling effectively in front of people. A perfect sketch or painting speaks itself – words don’t require to communicating idea behind it. But, developing a masterpiece is not as easy as people generally find because a perfect creation need patience, creative concept and right technique. Usually people have patience and concept but due to lack of sketching and painting technique can’t able to end up with effective painting results. First of all learn about the right handling way of drawing pencils as crucial step in creation of ideal work of art.

So, if you are also struggling to complete your art project within deadline, work on your techniques besides your concept and skills.  In absence of right techniques, even a dedicated and hard-working artist finds it challenging to come up with interesting visual art design. If you have desire to produce meticulous, perfect and highly object oriented drawings, right painting concept is desired to follow. This article, comprise certain tips related to drawing techniques and using of colour pencils through which artist can improve their quality of artwork.

Always employ a ground:

Sometimes artist forget to work on ground which is wrong as working on ground avail you numerous benefits like enhance the speed of painting, coat a painting facade from the outset, also work as mid-tone and much more. With this technique an artist can complete their artwork much faster from usual drawing pencils method.

Integrate patterned surfaces/ textural essentials/varied media

To cover area and finish artwork more quickly integrate ground with patterned, attractive or textural elements. However, this technique can be employ with caution, choose elements and materials which perfectly suit the theme of project perfectly. Don’t add things forcefully as it ruin the motive of painting. So, try this technique and enjoy fast and creative working results via using mixed media.

Work on manifold project at once

Usually, people work on one painting at times but it wastes your time. It’s always better to work in series – try to complete numerous paintings at times as this speed up the painting process. If requires you can apply the same color in number of paintings, when one is getting dry till then you can work on other sketch, keep you focused and much more.

So, try these techniques while painting and see the difference. It will help you to paint faster and improved.

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