The 3 Major Packing Materials For Shipping

Posted by juliamorgan2599 on September 19th, 2016

While shipping any item of any size, the major concern is to protect it from damage during transportation. Apart from that, it is also important to remember that the shipping charges are imposed according to the weight of the package. That brings us to the second major concern of wisely choosing packing materials for shipping that are both affordable in cost and light in weight.

You can find the most popular kinds of packaging materials with industrial supplies distributors and companies especially dealing with these materials. But it is important to choose the kind of dealers who offer a good variety of these packing materials. The latter can be roughly divided into three major categories which have their own advantages.

Air filled packaging material:
These usually consist of sealed plastic bags filled with air or sheets of bubble wrap that provides the most ideal cushioning for fragile items. It is important to fill up all the space between the items to be shipped and the container in which they are in. Also, the air-filled packaging must be carefully chosen so as to keep the items from toppling over each other. This kind of material is fairly light in weight because all the support is basically being provided by the trapped air in those plastic or bubble sheets.

Loose packaging material:
These are smaller materials like foam popcorn, pieces of corrugated cardboard and other materials that can fill the containers to the brim, including all the crevices and little spaces between the different items that are being shipped. They work best if the items are not too fragile. Otherwise, air-filled packaging should also be used in addition to these loose handfuls of support. It should also be remembered that loose packing grains have the tendency to settle down during transportation. So, it is always recommended to fill a little extra than what feels right at the first look.

Foam packaging:
Foam is one of the most reliable materials when it comes to shipping extremely fragile goods. But then, foam is also expensive than the other options and has a denser weight. So, it is important to consider all of it but at the same time, the advantage of foam is that it can be cut easily into the desired shape and thus, fits snugly into the spaces between goods, small parts and the container itself. Also, with foam, there is no risk of the material getting settled and the goods slipping and crashing against each other at all.

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