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Posted by learnit techno on September 19th, 2016

There are more than 1.8 billion people who use English as their communication language all around the world, making it the most popular official language of the globe. Today English communication skills and soft skills training institute are a must and not an option for people from every walk of life. To be a skilled person in English communicative ability, you have to challenge yourself time and again and not confine to restricted methods.

Let us read here some easy to adopt and implementable steps to improvise on English skills

      English Proficiency depends a lot on the pronunciation and hence allot thirty minutes to that every day. To improve on your non-native English speaker accent, do not be ashamed of the dialect rather practise pronunciation which will prove the best way to improve your accent. One way to that is loud readind English books of your choice while also focusing on the accent by listening to oneself.

      The more you interact with native English speakers, the more effective it reacts on your communication skills. Moreover you can ask them to help you improvise by correcting your mistakes in grammar or accent

      Rather than just stressing on spoken, why not go with reading also. Read more of books or newspapers or magazines etc in English only. This is one of the best ways to improving your vocabulary and fluency.

      Use English as your language while communicating over social networking messengers. Especially with those who are native English speakers. Conversing via text also helps polish your skill. This will also help you improve your grammar besides other skills.

      While you speak record it to recognize your strong and weak points. Being a non-native speaker your accent or fluency might differ. To combat with it record while you speak at any place and listen to it to be your own teacher. This is a tactic employed by majority of celebrated people like actors, politicians etc.

      If you do not have time for chat or anything else go for watching TV programs in English. In a country where English is not a native language it is very difficult to find people to carry out soft skills training Bangalore in fluent English. In such cases, television can be a saver through the movies or news etc. It is an effective and also interesting way to learn. But remember to read the subtitles in the novice stage for better understanding. This improves vocabulary and reading speed and ability.

      Put a habit of maintain an account of your day to day happenings in a scribble pad or a diary. This helps with improving your writing skills which is equally important as that of oral skills. You will also learn fast and effective this way.

      Also you can opt for online coaching academies. LearnIT soft skill course includes not only English communication classes but also besides that we impart interview and managerial skills etc. We also deliver online English training besides regular Soft Skill classes in Bangalore & Coimbatore location. Master spoken English with our interactive English training program of professional level.

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